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June S. Bowman, EdD  

Master of Arts/Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (MA/CAGS) in School Psychology Faculty

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June Bowman, who has been practicing in Massachusetts since 1977, is a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and licensed educational psychologist.  She has worked in urban schools (Brockton, MA), more rural (Rockport, MA), and suburban (Concord, MA) school settings. She is currently a school psychologist at Brookline High School, where she is co-leader of the crisis intervention team for the Brookline Schools. She is also a member of the College Board Advisory Panel for Services for Students with Disabilities, responsible for reviewing documentation and advising on requests for accommodations on the SAT’s.  She is presently an adjunct instructor at Northeastern University and has taught at UMass, Boston.  She received her master’s from Harvard University in counseling psychology and her doctorate from Boston University in developmental psychology.