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Marc Guidici, PhDMarc Giudici, PhD, NCC

Dr. Marc Giudici is Adjunct Faculty in the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department and a Nationally Certified Counselor with roots in the San Francisco Bay Area and Mississippi Gulf Coast. His focus is on promoting individual, organizational, and community strengths and assets to create effective training and educational programs with community partnerships.

He applies a positive psychology approach works to identify strengths and assets in problem-solving and to reduce the stigma that is often associated with mental illness. He employs a multidisciplinary, inclusive approach in mental health triage and management that often combines protocols from federal and state agencies with the practices of other mental and physical health professionals, community and educational leaders, and first responders.

Since Hurricane Katrina, his passion, time, and research have focused on supporting the needs and relief efforts of Hurricane Katrina survivors and providing psychological interventions, such as suicide prevention. He is fueled, inspired, and humbled by the resilience, post-trauma growth, and forward thinking of the people along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.