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Amy TormeyAmy Tormey

Syracuse University

Executive Coaching
Class of 2012

I am a 2012 graduate of William James College's Executive Coaching program, GCEC. After having been in the work force for more than 20 years I felt that it was my time to develop and grow in a completely new direction. Working in the business world, one learns early on that so many of the problems and issues that face corporations are people issues. Technology is constantly changing, corporations are adapting to keep in sync with worldwide pressures, but executives still get stuck from time to time on how to best get to the next milestone professionally and personally. This program stretched my comfort zones in countless ways however as the curriculum and experiential component bridged the gap between what I learned from my undergraduate degree in psychology and my business acumen, becoming an executive coach seemed liked the perfect next step for my career pursuits. Blending my years of business experience to help executives in corporate settings overcome obstacles to reach their goals has been extremely rewarding. 

I started researching executive coaching programs and quickly realized that our Executive Coaching Program offered exactly what I was looking for.  The cohort based learning was one of the many highlights of the program. After being absent from the academic scene for so many years, this learning methodology is very supportive and fostered wonderful friendships that have sustained beyond the conclusion of the program.  The professors were knowledgeable, experienced in both theory and real world applications. I highly recommend this program, if you are thinking about enrolling and should have any questions, I am happy to help navigate your decision process.