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Deven MavaniDeven Mavani

New Jersey
The College of New Jersey
Advanced Standing, Clinical Psychology PsyD, Class of 2017
Counseling Psychology, Class of 2013

I am from Montclair NJ and moved to Boston, Massachusetts for graduate school at William James College. I initially started my college career in Aerospace Engineering but decided that it wasn't the career for me and that psychology was. I graduated from the Masters in Counseling Psychology program in June 2013 and am now an  Advanced Standing Clinical Psychology PsyD student.  I chose William James College for a wide variety of reasons. Foremost, its commitment to experiential learning put William James College ahead of many Masters and Doctoral programs that I looked into. It also fostered a family type atmosphere that was not present in any of the schools that I had visited or interviewed with. Being an Indian-American, I have personally felt the need for learning in a diverse atmosphere and a strong respect for cultural diversity. William James College highlights the significance of diversity and the role it plays in training culturally competent clinicians. With a country becoming more and more diverse, I recognized that this type of focus would be very beneficial for any type of specific clinical track that I decide to pursue. I am involved in several committees at William James College. I am the representative of my year to the SCC (Student Coordinating Committee) which acts as the student government of William James College. I am also co-representative of the Diversity committee which is undertaking several unique projects. I am a member of our Sports committee and have played softball and kickball. My career interests are psychological assessment, testing, and teaching. In addition to those interests, clinically I am interested in studying romantic relationships and human sexuality and addiction.

As someone who has gone through the rigors of a  graduate program, I can attest to the myriad of feelings that it can bring. Am I doing this right? I'm going to be a bad therapist. It's not perfect. This is harder then I thought. Etc, etc. These are all statements and questions that I and fellow students have told and asked themselves. What is important to know is that despite these difficult thoughts, they are all overcome with determination, persistence, and most of all, teamwork. William James College is a family and everyone is here for each other. No one is ever alone so never hesitate to reach out to anyone for help or even some validation whether it be a fellow student or faculty member.