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Dirk KummerleDirk Kummerle

Cambridge College

Leadership Psychology PsyD
Class of 2017

I am currently in William James Colleges Leadership Psychology PsyD program, and am humbled to be an Ambassador of this fine academic institution. My journey in leadership started when I was sixteen years old, just a short time after my family immigrated to Western Massachusetts from Southern Germany. My goal at the time was to serve my newly adopted home as a candidate in the United States Naval Academy, which required a recommendation from a local Congressman. I volunteered for an opponent of the sitting representative and helped see his election. During the process I fell in love with the American Political System, and the avenue it offered not only to give back to my community, but to play a pivotal role therein as well. I continued this path by working for a number of local, state and national political candidates, and eventually my own. I became a City Councilor at age 18, and gubernatorial appointee as a commissioner on the County Housing Authority.

After College I decided that I needed a change, and made the bold move to give up my political aspirations and start a new chapter by moving to New York City.  While I arrived in New York City without employment, it wasn't long before I found a job with CNN/AccentHealth, and  where I would later become the youngest manager at Time Warner's Court TV. My life was going great, that is until 9/11. I lived about three blocks from ground zero, and was only about two blocks from the North Tower when it collapsed. Witnessing the atrocities of that day, daily, waking up in a nightmare every morning, influenced me to start over in Boston with a renewed passion to give back – especially to our Veteran Community. 

I returned to school for a graduate degree in Psychology and became a psychotherapist with a focus in Trauma. While I love helping individuals on a clinical level, I wanted to make a difference on a larger scale. William James College offered me this opportunity, and my personal philosophy perfectly aligned with William James Colleges mission to 'give back'. I started with the Master's Program in Media Psychology, and continued on with the doctorate program in Leadership Psychology.

I chose William James College because it is at the cutting edge of integrating innovative programs taught by world class faculty, with in-depth knowledge of the geo-political, cultural, technological shifts, and changes in the economic landscapes in our 21st Century (connected) World. William James College takes pride in its ability to offer these programs, and gracefully assists students to understand and address the challenges we are facing in this new world.

I highly encourage you to take the time out to speak with students and faculty alike, and visit the new campus in Newton, MA, which is both welcoming and impressive. The personal touch advisors and the administration places on individual students, rivals that of any other academic institution in the Country.  William James Colleges innovative programs, mission, and personal touch however, has raised the bar in academia.