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Glavielinys CruzGlavielinys A. Cruz

Dartmouth College
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Latino Mental Health Program
Children and Families of Adversity and Resilience (CFAR) Concentration
Class of 2016

Hello prospective and entering students!

I was born and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts and obtained my Bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College. While in undergrad, I pursued many interests and focused on Psychological and Brain Sciences as well as Latin American and Spanish Literature.  I was able to volunteer my time in the psychiatric wards at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.  The experiences I had there solidified the reasons of why I wanted to be involved in the mental health field.

I am currently a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at William James College.  I am in the Children and Families of Adversity and Resilience (CFAR) track as well as in the Latino Mental Health Program (LMHP). I decided to apply to William James College mainly because of its unique Latino Mental Health Program.  Working clinically with Latinos is a priority of mine and William James College appeared to be a great fit.  My reasons for attending William James College were quickly validated once I attended the interview.  Everyone I met that day was very welcoming while faculty and students alike were very willing to answer my questions.

Another reason I chose to become a part of our family was because of its exceptional commitment of interweaving theory with practice.  While attending classes throughout our four years, we are also in field placements where we obtain the clinical experience we need. For my first year practicum, I served as an in-home therapist working with troubled youth and their families. This year, I conduct psychotherapy with children and adults suffering from major mental illness. What an experience! I am unaware of another school that successfully fosters this type of learning environment.

My advice to you? Ask questions! You'll find that we at William James College are more than happy to answer them for you! An advice to having a successful first year experience also includes finding the time to engage in enjoyable activities. We all like to assist individuals who are struggling, but how often do we help ourselves? Taking care of our needs is of high importance as well. Join that soccer team. Start dance classes. Take piano lessons. Start knitting again. Do what you have to do in order to feel happy, healthy, and complete.

In the meantime, I hope you consider William James College as an institute of endless possibilities.  I am more than happy to serve as a resource for you and will be honored to answer your questions. I sincerely hope that you decide to become a part of our family.