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Melissa AlvinoMelissa Alvino

New York
UMass Boston
Counseling Psychology 

Hello fellow Psychology lovers! 

My name is Missy and I'm a  student in the Counseling Psychology Master's program, with a concentration in Couples and Family Therapy.   I was born and raised on Long Island, where I attended the first two years of my undergraduate studies at SUNY College at Old Westbury.  While researching for graduate programs around the country, I decided I wanted a change and withdrew my Junior year, packed my bags, and headed to Boston.  I completed my undergraduate studies at UMass Boston with honors, setting my sights for a move back to New York.  With a graduate school already chosen to attend in NYC, I had a change of heart and realized I couldn't leave this beautiful city.  I decided to apply to only one program in Massachusetts, and that was William James College.

I chose to apply to William James College for it's reputation as well as the program offerings that I researched on the website, but it was the atmosphere on campus that made me really fall in love with this school.  I came to campus on Interview Day with an overwhelming feeling of nervousness (don't we all!) and left feeling satisfied and comforted.   William James College truly values your role as a student and contributor to it's community.  At William James College, you not only receive an incredible education but also are exposed to an array of opportunities for networking.  The community here is welcoming, engaging, and educational while providing a place for students to excel professionally.

Without any prior experience working with clients, the faculty as well as my field placement has really helped my professional development and confidence in the therapeutic setting.  For my first year practicum, I worked at a therapeutic high school that later hired me for their summer program.  The clinical experience offered at William James College is incomparable, and is one of the factors that makes the educational experience at William James College so unique.  I have always been interested in the field of Psychology and knew from a very young age that this was what I was meant to do.  William James College has really helped me flourish in my purpose and further ignited my passion for the field.  The experience at William James College is like none other.  With a stimulating curriculum and inviting environment, William James College is an unbelievable opportunity and a valuable asset in your career path.