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Tania PalenTania Palen

Baylor University

Organizational Psychology 
Class of 2014

Hi, my name is Tania Palen. I am a native Spaniard who moved to Texas in the first grade. After getting my Bachelor of Arts in Environment at Baylor University, I got married and moved up to Boston. This transition made space for me to re-evaluate my career goals. While I had loved my undergraduate degree, I knew my career goals had shifted. After I graduated with my BA, I had grown in my understanding my likes and dislikes. I knew I thrived in seeing how things could be improved and made more excellent. I loved to see watch group dynamics unfold and see how the individual really affected the team. My mentor knew of my dream to be a part of developing an organization's vision and operations. He also knew an alumna of the Organizational Psychology program here at William James College and suggested I get in contact with her. It was after meeting with her and hearing about how much she enjoyed William James College that I felt confident in moving forward in the program.

I've really enjoyed my time at William James College because it has granted me the resources to accomplish my career goals. I'm making some great friends in my cohort and it's wonderful meeting people who have similar interests. The professors are kind, knowledgeable, and accessible. This program is special because it allows you to keep working while enrolled. I have enjoyed this because it allows me to implement what I am learning in my workplace.

The most common advice you might receive is to manage your time carefully. While I think that's immensely important, I'd invite you to also consider making time for your cohort and professors: with whatever capacity you can, pursue friendships with them. Sometimes that means I'm on the phone for an hour one evening with a classmate, processing what we've learned, or I've sent one or two emails that week. Figure out what works best for you. I've learned that the relationships you build are just as important as the material you learn. Please, feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk about this program. I'd love to connect with you!