Clinical Psychology PsyD Program Transfer of Credits

Institutional Policy

Credits earned in graduate-level courses completed at another accredited institution1 no more than five years prior to matriculation at William James College2, for which a grade of "B" or better3 was awarded, are eligible for transfer to William James College.  Said transfer credit may be applied to degree requirements subject to the following two provisions:

  1. No more than 20 percent of the total credits comprising a student's degree program may be satisfied through transfer credit; however, various degree programs may establish policies that further limit the acceptability and application of transfer credit4.
  2. The determination of the actual acceptance and applicability of potentially eligible transfer credit is the responsibility of the appropriate program chair/director.

1 "Accredited institution" refers to any college/university that holds accreditation from an association/unit that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

2 Upon the recommendation of the appropriate department chair, exceptions to the five year limitation may be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

3 The grade of "B-" is less than "B" and not eligible for transfer. Credit for coursework in which a traditional letter grade is not recorded will not be considered for transfer unless the student can present compelling evidence that recorded grades are at least equivalent to "B" quality.

4 Program-based policies on transfer credit require approval by the Institutional Curriculum Committee.

Clinical Doctoral Program Policy

A) Courses for which a student seeks transfer credit must:

  1. have been taken at a regionally accredited institution
  2. have been taken at the graduate level
  3. have been taught by faculty instructors who have obtained Doctoral Degrees
  4. have been taken within 5 years of the student’s date of matriculation at William James College
  5. have received a grade of B or better

B) Limitations

  1. A maximum of 2 credits will be given for each course accepted for transfer (with the exception of those courses designated as equivalent to William James College 3 credit courses on transcript and syllabus review.)
  2. Transfer credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credits. This Policy is automatically waived for those students who are admitted to William James College with Advanced Standing, or other special admission status.
  3. Transfer credit is limited to a combination of elective and required courses.
  4. The following William James College Clinical Doctoral Program requirements cannot be met via transfer of credit:

C) Transfer of Credit Procedure

  1. Students must submit an original plus two (2) copies (for a total of 3 copies) of a Transfer of Credit Petition (available on MyCampus), course descriptions, and syllabi for each course to be considered for Transfer of Credit.
  2. An Official Transcript from the institution at which the course was taken will be required if one is not on file in the student’s Academic file.
  3. Transfer of Credit requests must be submitted to the Registrar prior to matriculation (preferably by July 15th). Requests will be evaluated by the Registrar in conjunction with appropriate Administrative and academic consultation.

D) Courses previously taken at William James College

For students who have successfully completed William James College courses on a non-matriculated basis:

  1. If taken within 5 years of matriculation, these courses will automatically be applied toward the PsyD degree (unless the student requests otherwise).
  2. A grade of “Credit” must have been earned in the course.
  3. Incomplete courses will not be transferred into the Clinical Doctoral Program and will not be considered if course completion occurs after program matriculation.
  4. William James College courses (at a maximum of 4 courses) taken prior to matriculation are included in and subject to the 12 Credit maximum for transfer of credit.

E) Courses taken elsewhere while the student is enrolled at William James College

  1. Courses taken at other accredited institutions while a student is enrolled at William James College will be eligible for transfer credit subject to the same rules as courses taken prior to matriculation at William James College.
  2. Students must obtain prior approval of such courses for transfer of credit from their advisor and from the Registrar in accordance with the procedures outlined in c) above.
  3. An official transcript must be submitted after completion of the course.
  4. Such courses will fall into the 12 credit maximum allowable for Transfer of Credit.

Course Waivers

Based on prior academic experience (including, but not limited to recognition of knowledge/skill acquired in previously completed courses which may not be eligible for transfer credit), a department chair may waive one or more required courses, and will then designate a suitable curriculum replacement(s). However, in no case will said waivers constitute a reduction in the number of overall credits required for a degree program. The decision to grant waivers and apply substitute course credits is a matter for the department chair and is not subject to appeal.

Advanced Standing

Advanced standing is a formal status granted to newly matriculated students in a PsyD program who enter William James College with a previously completed, recognized 60-credit master's degree in psychology or counseling. (Master's degrees in Social Work do not qualify for Advanced Standing in the Clinical Doctoral Program.) Request for Advanced Standing status is made at the time of application.

Students with Advanced Standing status enter the School at the level of second-year doctoral students, with a concomitant reduction in the overall minimum number of credits required for the degree. The appropriate department chair will determine precisely how previously completed coursework will apply toward the PsyD curriculum requirements. Such courses will be entered on our transcript as Transfer of Credit. Students will then be responsible for satisfying all remaining components of our doctoral degree curriculum.

Considerations of Advanced Standing may be available to students whose Master's Degree Program included required supervised field experience effectively equivalent to our first year practicum requirement (640 hours or more). Such equivalence is determined on individual curricular review by the Chair, or the appropriate faculty designate.

Students admitted with Advanced Standing have the  first year practicum waived (see institutional policy on Course Waivers, above) and are eligible for up to 26 transfer-of-credit hours for external advanced standing and up to 28 transfer-of-credit hours for internal advanced standing from our Masters of Arts programs.  Eligibility will be determined by individual review of students' records; an admissions interview with the Chair of the Doctoral Program and/or his designate; and direct contact as needed with prior advisors and supervisors at the academic program and field sites identified in a student's application.

Applicants to the Clinical Doctoral Program will be notified of their eligibility for Advanced Standing by the Admissions Department and invited for an admissions interview through the Department Chair. Advanced Standing Candidates will meet with the Chair and/or his designate in order to review academic credentials and potential course equivalencies for transfer of credit consideration. Only students with demonstrated excellence in their prior program(s) will be granted Advanced Standing. Maintaining Advanced Standing status will be contingent upon establishing a record of academic achievement and good academic standing throughout the first year of our Clinical Doctoral Program.

Students admitted with Advanced Standing must matriculate as full-time students and complete at least three years in the Doctoral Program at William James College. Program completion may extend beyond the three years of matriculation and must be completed within 7 years (to include the one year Advanced Standing equivalence.) Students admitted with Advanced Standing Status are not eligible to receive the en route Master's Degree in Professional Psychology offered in the Clinical Doctoral Program.

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