En route Master of Arts in Professional Psychology

Students enrolled in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral program may earn a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Professional Psychology en route to the doctoral degree. Required coursework is addressed below; additional required coursework is as noted. Students who have received Internship Readiness Approval by the Internship Readiness Committee (IRC) are eligible to receive the Master’s Degree. The award date of the degree will be determined by the Board of Trustees at its annual fall meeting and presented individually to students prior to and independent of Commencement Exercises.


Year One (courses to be completed by the end of the summer term following fall matriculation)
CLI LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3) 
CLI PA501 - Psychological Assessment I: Foundations of Cognitive Theory and Testing (credits: 2)
CLI PA503 - Psychological Assessment II: Advanced Cognitive Testing (credits: 2)
CLI PS600 - History and Systems (credits: 2) 
CLI PS603 - Social Bases of Behavior (credits: 3) 
SCH RS526 - Statistics (credits: 3) 
CLI CS600 and CLI CS605 - Clinical Seminar I (2 credits each semester)

Year Two (courses to be completed during or before the conclusion of the summer term following year two)
CLI RS525 - Research (credits: 2) 
CLI RS535 - Research (credits: 2) 
CLI FX515 - Family and Systems Theory (credits: 2) 
CLI BX500 - Learning Theory (credits: 2) 
CLI HU520 - Humanistic Theory (credits: 2) 
CLI PT700 - Psychodynamic Theory (credits: 2) 

Additional Course Requirements during years 1 and 2:
CLI CC522 - Diversity and Cross Cultural Psychology (credits: 3) 
CLI PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (credits: 3) 
CLI PY522 - Adult Psychopathology (credits: 3) 

Total Credit Accumulation: 46 credits
Students who enter with Advanced Standing Status are not eligible for the Enroute Masters.

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