Field Education

Practicum and internship experiences are coordinated with academic seminars and coursework, with clinical experience brought into the classroom. At field placements, students receive a minimum of two hours of individual and/or group clinical supervision in addition to academic and professional training seminars. All placements are reviewed and approved by the Field Training Directors and the Director of Field Education.

Participating Field Sites

William James College student practica and internships offer training at over 175 sites in the New England area.

Cambridge Health Alliance
Brookline Community Mental Health Center
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Inc.
Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital
Family Services, Inc.
The Home for Little Wanderers
Joseph M. Smith Community Mental Health Center
Lynn Community Health
McClean Hospital
Rhode Island College
Roger Williams University
Wediko Children's Services
A small sampling of sites is listed below:

  • Brookline Mental Health Center
  • Cambridge Health Alliance
  • Chelsea Memorial Health Center (MGH)
  • Elder Services of Merrimack Valley
  • Family Services of the Merrimack Valley
  • Faulkner Hospital (William James College Consortium)
  • The Home for Little Wanderers
  • Joseph Smith Health Center
  • Lynn Community Health Center (William James College Consortium)
  • McLean Hospital
  • The New England Conservatory Counseling Center
  • Rhode Island College Counseling Center (William James College Consortium)
  • Roger Williams University (William James College Consortium)
  • Shriners Burn Hospital
  • Simmons College Counseling Center
  • Stone Center at Wellesley College
  • Wediko Childrens Services (William James College Consortium)

Practica, Advanced Practica and Internship

Practica and Advanced Practica

Practica and Advanced Practica have training goals consistent with the curricular goals. At this stage, field placements emphasize broad exposure to varied populations and life span issues, theoretical orientations, assessment procedures, and modalities of intervention.

Incoming students may request that their current work site be evaluated as a practicum site: the "job as placement" option. Such requests should be made on the admissions application and then discussed at the admissions interviews. Decisions regarding these requests are made after admission but prior to registration. Approval is contingent upon a site meeting William James College training requirements and is for one year only.

Internship Readiness

Prior to internship application, students are assessed for their readiness to proceed to the internship level of training. The student's academic, clinical, professional, and interpersonal development is considered through a comprehensive review of the student's academic record. After successful completion of relevant coursework and practica and certification of readiness for internship, a student can begin his/her internship.


Two options exist for completing the internship portion of pre-doctoral training. Students may elect to apply to the APA accredited William James College Consortium and if selected follow that trajectory outlined in Option 2 under Curriculum.

Alternatively, or in the event that they do not match with our Consortium, students will complete their advanced practica training and participate in the National match to secure a full-time APA internship.