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Part Time Program

There is a limited opportunity for students to enter the Doctoral Clinical Program with an initial part time option for enrollment. Students requesting part-time consideration are accepted on a space available basis. A part time program request must be clearly identified on the application for admission.

Students who receive an offer of acceptance with a part-time program request may be placed on a waiting list and matriculate in the fall if space is available in the program; a part-time waiting list may remain active until the official fall term begins.

Part-time programming requires that the equivalent of the first year of the full-time program be completed in a maximum of two years. The entire program must be completed within seven years.

In the first year of the program, part-time students register for a minimum of three academic courses each semester. At least two of these courses each semester must be in preparation for and related to applied experience, (i.e. theory-based or clinically focused courses). Part-time students enroll in academic coursework only during the initial year. During the second part-time year students must enroll in Clinical Seminar I, Practicum I and at least one additional course each term.

The following year (chronologically year 3), and all the years thereafter, students must enroll full-time and take the full complement of academic requirements including Clinical Seminar II and Practicum II.  Those students who matriculate in a part-time program must consult with Advisors and the Registrar in order to establish an individualized program.

Part-time programming may be established for currently matriculated students as a change in enrollment status based on review and approval by the Department Chair.

Latino Mental Health Program

Latino Mental Health Program

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