MA in Counseling Psychology

Part Time Curriculum Map
Standard (Three-Year) Sequence

The maximum amount of time to complete this program is three years.

The following course sequence distributes 60 semester credit hours over eight consecutive semesters (three years, including two summers) of part-time study. The first year consists exclusively of classroom work.

Field training begins in the second year and continues through the third. The capstone project is completed in the third year, after all core courses and electives have been taken.

Students seeking to pursue a part-time option should meet with the Program Director to plan their course sequence. Please note that this is only a sample and the course sequence can be adjusted according to student and program needs and requirements.

First Year: Fall Semester
COU CX510 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)
COU PS635 - Professional Issues and Ethics (credits: 3)
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3) or COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference (credits: 3)

First Year: Spring Semester
COU PY522 - Adult Psychopathology (credits: 3)
COU PA530 - Psychological Appraisal and Assessment (credits: 3)
COU SB515 - Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment (credits: 3)

First Year: Summer Semester
COU GR501 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)

Total First Year: 21 credits
Second Year: Fall Semester
COU CO500 - Consultation, Collaboration, and Community Partnerships (credits: 3)
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3)or COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference (credits: 3)
COU FP511 - Practicum I (credits: 2)
COU CS500 - Practicum Seminar I: Helping Relationships I (credits: 2)
Elective 1 (credits: 3)

Second Year: Spring Semester
COU FP512 - Practicum II (credits: 2)
COU CS501 - Practicum Seminar II: Helping Relationships II (credits: 2)
COU RS510 - Research and Evaluation in Psychology (credits: 3)

Secend Year: Summer Semester
Elective II (credits: 3)
COU CD501 - Career Counseling (credits: 3) recommended for those pursuing LMHC or LPC outside of Massachusetts.

Total Second Year: 23 credits
Third Year: Fall Semester
COU FP611 - Internship I (credits: 3)
COU CS610 - Internship Seminar I (credits: 2)
Elective III (credits: 3)

Third Year: Spring Semester
COU FP612 - Internship II (credits: 3)
COU CS611 - Internship Seminar II (credits: 2)
COU PR625 - Forensic Capstone Project Seminar (credits: 3)

Total Third Year: 16 credits
Total Program: 60 credits

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Attend an Online Webinar