Degree Requirements

Students earn the Master's degree in Forensic & Counseling Psychology after completing 60 semester credits and meeting other requirements as described below.

(1) Coursework

The student must satisfactorily complete a planned program that includes 60 or more semester credits of coursework.  The faculty advisor must approve the student's program. The program is designed as a two year program. Students are expected to complete all requirements for the Master's degree within four years from the first semester of enrollment.  Student progress toward program completion is reviewed on an annual basis with the primary faculty advisor.

Up to 12 credits of coursework earned at William James College as a non-matriculated student may be transferred in and credited towards the degree (if earned within last 6 years).  Up to 12 credits of highly equivalent coursework earned as a non-matriculated student at other accredited institutions may be accepted with faculty approval (if earned within last 6 years).  The program director or a designated faculty member makes the determination of coursework equivalence.

(2) Field Work

As per Massachusetts's requirements for pre-master's clinical field experience (262 CMR 2.06), the year one curriculum exceeds the minimum of 100 hours practicum (i.e., two days per week) and the year two curriculum 600-hour minimum internship (i.e., three days per week) requirements. Field site supervisors assume the primary mentoring role and clinical responsibility for on-site activities.  Supplementary support is provided through the practicum and internship seminars, online threaded discussions, email correspondence, monthly seminar courses, and from the primary student advisors.  Our Field Education Office arranges and facilitates field placements, applying long-established procedures for quality assurance, troubleshooting, and matching assignments with students' career interests.

(3) Forensic Capstone Project

Attend an Online Webinar

Attend an Online Webinar