MA in Counseling Psychology in Global Mental Health

Curriculum Map

Year One: Fall Semester (14 credits)
COU CS500 - Practicum Seminar I: Helping Relationships I (credits: 2) 
COU FP519 - Practicum in Counseling Psychology I (credits: 0)(12-16 hours/week)
COU CX510 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)
COU PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (credits: 3)
COU PS635 - Professional Issues and Ethics (credits: 3)
COU CC523 - Psychology of Diversity and Difference (credits: 3) 

Year One: Spring Semester (14 credits)
COU CS501 - Practicum Seminar II: Helping Relationships II (credits: 2) 
COU FP520 - Practicum in Counseling Psychology II (credits: 0)(12-16 hours/week)
COU PY522 - Adult Psychopathology (credits: 3)
COU PA530 - Psychological Appraisal and Assessment (credits: 3)
COU GM510 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health I (credits: 3) 
COU TR602 - Trauma: Theory and Treatment (credits: 3) 

Year One Total: 28 credits
Year Two:  Summer Session (9 credits)
COU GR501 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy (credits: 3)
COU CO500 - Consultation, Collaboration, and Community Partnerships (credits: 3)
COU LS659 - Lifespan Development (credits: 3)

Year Two: Fall Semester (12 credits)
COU CS610 - Internship Seminar I (credits: 2) 
COU FP622 - Internship in Global Mental Health I (credits: 0) 
COU GM511 - Fundamentals of Global Mental Health II (credits: 3) 
COU RS510 - Research and Evaluation in Psychology (credits: 3)
COU FX510 - Introduction to Family Therapy (credits: 3)
Elective (credits: 1)

Year Two: Spring Semester (11 credits)
COU CS611 - Internship Seminar II (credits: 2) 
COU FP623 - Internship in Global Mental Health II (credits: 0) 
COU SB515 - Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment (credits: 3) 
COU PR624 - Capstone Project Seminar (credits: 3) 
COU TR603 - Trauma Treatment: Advanced Topics (credits: 3) 

Year Two Total: 32 credits
Program Total: 60 credits

Attend an Online Webinar

Attend an Online Webinar