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    Employment of Organizational psychologists expected to grow by 53.4% by 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Experiential Education

    Develop Your Career in Psychology with our Experiential Education Model

  • Promising Career Outlook

    US News Ranks “Mental Health Counselor” #33 of top health care jobs

  • Latino Mental Health

    Meet our Lucero Scholars

Become a School Psychology Field Education Site

The Office of Field Education staff is available to work with sites that are interested in being approved for practicum and internship level training of School Psychology Program students. William James College training requirements are program specific. Please see School Psychology Field Education for a general description.  To inquire about serving as a field site, please contact Arlene Silva at 617-327-6777 x1558 or email arlene_silva@williamjames.edu.