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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MA in HESPA

 The MA in Higher Education Student Personnel Administration (HESPA) is a program that examines the changing world of Higher Education in the 21st century and how best to meet the needs of changing student populations. This program follows a science-practitioner model with an emphasis in research, practice, assessment, and skill development. Our faculty are experts in Higher Education and Student Personnel Administration.

How long does the program take

 This is a one-year intensive program online only. Students are required to complete an 80-hour field project as well.

What is the academic calendar
William James College follows the semester system. Fall (August to December), Spring (January to May).  
Is it a full-time program

 Yes. 98% of our students work concurrently.

How often are new classes admitted into the program

 New classes are admitted for the fall semester of every year.

What is the average size of the entering class

 Of the many applications received internationally, an average of 15 students are selected each year based on work experience and commitment to change in higher education student personnel administration.

What is the tuition rate
Tuition and fees information can be found here

Just in Time Admissions

Just in Time Admissions