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MA in Applied Psychology in Higher Education Student Personnel Administration

Curriculum Map

This is a 12-month intensive online only master's program for higher education professionals and those in related fields. This is a cohort model and each course runs for six weeks each (3 credits). 30 credit hours are required for this degree (24 course hours and 6 field project hours).

ORG HE525 - Professional Orientation: 21st Century Student Personnel Administration (credits: 3)
ORG HE535/ORG HE536 - Field Placement: HESPA (credits: 6) 
ORG HE520 - The Practice of Student Personnel Administration (credits: 3) 
ORG HE540 - Counseling I: College Student Development Theories in Higher Education (credits: 3) 
ORG HE550 - Higher Education Leadership (credits: 3) 
ORG HE545 - Counseling II: Theory and Practice in Higher Education (credits: 3)
ORG HE620 - The Law and Higher Education (credits: 3) 
ORG HE510 - American Higher Education: Past, Present, and Future (credits: 3) 
ORG PS675 - Capstone Seminar: Methodology in Higher Education (credits: 3) 

Just in Time Admissions

Just in Time Admissions