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    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.

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    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.

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    Leadership Psychology students participating in the onsite residency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program

 The PsyD in Leadership Psychology is designed to be 4 years inclusive.

What is leadership psychology

 Leadership psychology understands how leaders mobilize resources for change. It examines how those who support leaders, leaders themselves, or followers can create the change, in large and small systems, needed in today's world.

What is the career outlook for graduates of the Leadership Psychology program

 Graduates go into a diversity of positions in industry as change consultants. Our students work with non-profits to organize resources and reduce duplication of services; they work with executive coaches, executive leaders, talent management leaders and non-profit/social change leaders, reforming financial institutions; promoting women in leadership roles in the world; using media for public diplomacy initiatives. Wherever change is needed, leaders emerge. This program looks at the underlying dynamics of leadership and how to support those change agents to meet the need to make the difference in the world.

What is a residency

 A residency is a four-day intensive stay in Boston to work together on the theory and practice of the work we do in this doctoral program. Students will engage in executive-level experiential learning courses and attend world-class thought-leader presentations.

What is the difference between a PsyD and a PhD in Leadership Psychology

 Less and less. The PsyD is a professional doctorate that allows you to complete your studies in 4 years inclusive. Both degrees lead to the "Dr." title. A greater emphasis is placed on the practical component in a PsyD program, however, in the Leadership program, equal emphasis is placed on research and practice.

Is the GRE required

 No, the GRE is not required for admission to the PsyD in Leadership Psychology program.

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