Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) in Leadership Psychology

Curriculum Map

  • 30 credits applied from an appropriate master’s degree
  • 98 credit PsyD
  • Semester format running 2 courses each semester for 15 weeks (4 credits each)
  • Two 4-day residencies are held annually in the fall and spring in Boston, MA:
    • 2015-16 Fall Residency, November 4-7, 2015; Spring Residency, March 16-19, 2016
    • 2016-17 Fall Residency, November 2-5, 2016; Spring Residency, March 15-18, 2017
    • 2017-18 Fall Residency, November 1-4, 2017; Spring Residency, March 14-17, 2018 
  • Click here to view the academic calendar for our semester schedule.
  • 150-hour Practicum

Year One: First Semester (8 credits)
ORG LP710 - Leadership and Followership: Theoretical Bases of Leadership (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Dan Jacobs, PsyD
ORG LP711 - Leadership Development and the Use of the Self (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Jackie DeJean, DLP

Year One: Second Semester (8 credits)
ORG LP712 - Becoming a 21st Century Leader (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Jason Osher, PhD 
Consulting Skills, Ethics and Leading Without Authority (credits: 4)
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD

Year One Total: 16 credits
Year Two: First Semester (8 credits)
ORG LP725 - Qualitative Methods I (credits: 4)
Instructor: Shira Fishman, PhD
ORG LP740 - Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Scott Wimer, PhD

Year Two: Second Semester (8 credits)
ORG LP745 - Creative Change and Transformative Leadership (credits: 4)
Instructor: Dan Jacobs, PsyD
ORG LP750 - Neuroleadership (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD

Year Two Total: 16 credits
Year Three: First Semester (8 credits)
ORG LP726 - Statistics and Research Methodology I (credits: 4) 
Instructor, Shira Fishman, PhD
ORG LP728 - Organizational Assessment and Intervention (credits: 4)
Instructor: Candice Crawford, PhD

Year Three: Second Semester (9 credits)
ORG LP727 - Statistics and Research Methodology II (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Shira Fishman, PhD
ORG LP748 - Leadership and Systems Approaches Specialization (credits: 4) 
Instructor: Ara Haroutiounian, MS
ORG LP802 - Doctoral Project I (credits: 1)
Instructor: Jackie DeJean, DLP

Year Three Total: 17 credits
Year Four: First Semester (11 credits)
ORG LP905 - Practicum Leadership I (credits: 2)
ORG LP910 - Advanced Leadership Seminar (credits: 4)
Instructor, Kathryn Stanley, PhD
ORG LP713 - Leadership Proseminar (Ethics, Negotiation, Research and Practice) (credits: 4) 
Instructor, Candice Crawford, PsyD
ORG LP902 - Doctoral Project II (credits: 1)

Year Four: Second Semester (8 credits) 
ORG LP906 - Practicum II (credits: 2)
ORG LP911 - Advanced Leadership Seminar II (credits: 4)
Instructor: Kathryn Stanley, PhD
ORG LP903 - Doctoral Project III (credits: 2)

Year Four Total: 19 credits
Program Total: 68 credits
Program total plus 30 credit MA: 98 credits
Practicum Hours: 150

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