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School psychology is a challenging and rewarding profession for which there has been, and will continue to be high demand. The number of school psychologists in the U.S. has increased steadily over the past 30 years. School psychology positions are diverse with respect to functions and service populations, and job satisfaction is high. US News and World Report currently lists “School Psychologist” as the #1 Social Services job in the country.

School psychologists apply advanced expertise in education, human development, and personal-social relationships to promote the healthy development of children in educational settings, and to foster the effective functioning of families, schools, and communities. This involves a wide repertoire of skills and strategies, including assessment, educational planning, individual and group counseling, and consultation with parents, teachers and other school personnel.

Why School Psychology at William James College

Graduate study at William James College is grounded in an integrative philosophy of training and education, with ongoing application of classroom instruction in structured, closely supervised field experiences. Underlying this approach to professional training is a sustained focus on the development of the personal and professional self, an orientation towards community service, and respect for colleagues and clients.

These values are exemplified by the interrelated degree programs offered by William James College: the specialist level program (MA/CAGS) and the doctoral level program (MA/CAGS/PsyD and Advanced Standing PsyD). Collectively, these programs prepare entry level school psychologists and individuals with the advanced capabilities and credentials to pursue a wide range of professional opportunities. William James College is proud to offer exceptional training in a supportive, student-centered learning environment, with instruction and guidance provided by leading practitioners in the field.

What Degrees are Offered

The School Psychology Department consists of two graduate level programs. The MA/CAGS Program consists of two years of full-time study and practicum field placements, followed by a full-time 1200-hour internship in the third year. The MA/CAGS program accepts students with a four-year college degree and students earn the Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Psychology at the end of one full year, after earning 30 or more credits. They continue on to earn the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS) degree in School Psychology. The 66 credit MA/CAGS sequence constitutes specialist level training, which is the standard entry level preparation in the field of school psychology.

The PsyD Program consists of two levels. The first part of the program consists of MA/CAGS-level coursework and related field work over 3 years of full time study, as described above. This is followed by the PsyD level of the Program, which consists of doctoral level coursework, practicum experiences and internship, and a doctoral project. These program components bring the overall total to 120 credits. Individuals who have earned a specialist degree in school psychology from other training programs are encouraged to apply for advanced standing at the PsyD level. Advanced standing doctoral students enter the PsyD level of the Program with up to 62 credits (although typically closer to 50 credits), depending on their prior graduate coursework.

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