School Psychology Department Course Descriptions

SCH SB522 - Addictive Disorders: Theory and Treatment
SCH PY522 - Adult Psychopathology
SCH BX710 - Advanced Behavioral Techniques with Children and Families
SCH CO780 - Advanced Consultation Skills in Schools
SCH PA700 - Advanced Psychoeducational Assessment
SCH PA725 - Advanced Social-Emotional Assessment: Children and Adolescents
SCH MH515 - Advanced Topics in Forensic Psychology
SCH IA777 - Autism Spectrum Disorders
SCH BC521 - Behavioral Assessment, Intervention, and Consultation
SCH PA760 - Bilingual and Culturally Competent Assessment
SCH BL622 - Biological Basis of Behavior and Learning
SCH CP770 - Brief Counseling in School Practice
SCH CX770 - Brief Counseling in School Practice-1
SCH MH732 - Children's Mental Health Policy and Systems
SCH CL521 - Clinical Interviewing with Children and Families
SCH GR523 - Clinical Practice of Group Therapy
SCH CC551 - Clinical Work with Latinos I (Clinical Work with Latinos in the United States)
SCH CC555 - Clinical Work with Latinos in the United States II
SCH CA601 - Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behavior
SCH BX705 - Cognitive Behavioral Interventions with Children and Adolescents
SCH FX630 - Collaborative Therapy with Multi-Stressed Families
SCH CO650 - Consultation In Schools
SCH CO750 - Consultation in Schools-1
SCH PR950 - Continuing Doctoral Project
SCH CX610 - Counseling and Psychotherapy in Schools
SCH XX550 - Directed Study
SCH CC522 - Diversity and Cross Cultural Psychology
SCH FP725 - Doctoral Practicum in Clinical Services
SCH FP726 - Doctoral Practicum in Clinical Services II
SCH FP727 - Doctoral Practicum in Clinical Services III
SCH FP728 - Doctoral Practicum in Clinical Services IV
SCH PR820 - Doctoral Project I: Advanced Research Methods
SCH PR825 - Doctoral Project I: Orientation
SCH PR826 - Doctoral Project II: Advanced Research Methods
SCH PR821 - Doctoral Project II: Project Design and Development
SCH PR924 - Doctoral Project III: Individual Mentorship
SCH PR827 - Doctoral Project III: Project Design and Development
SCH SB631 - Eating Disorders
SCH SN512 - Educating Children and Adolescents with Special Needs
SCH IA773 - Educational Therapy: Perspectives for the Advanced Practitioner
SCH FX515 - Family and Systems Theory
SCH GT520 - Gender Theory
SCH GR611 - Group Process and Group Therapy
SCH PS600 - History and Systems
SCH FX600 - Infant, Toddler, Parent Intervention
SCH IA520 - Instructional Assessment and Intervention
SCH FP801 - Internship
SCH FP701 - Internship A
SCH FP702 - Internship B
SCH CS801 - Internship Seminar
SCH CS701 - Internship Seminar A
SCH CS702 - Internship Seminar B
SCH CS802 - Internship Seminar-1
SCH CS803 - Internship Seminar-2
SCH FP802 - Internship-1
SCH FP803 - Internship-2
SCH IA772 - Learning Disabilities: Research to Practice
SCH PS630 - Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues in School Psychology
SCH LS659 - Lifespan Development
SCH CC560 - LMH Immersion II Seminar
SCH CC562 - LMH Summer Immersion I
SCH CC563 - LMH Summer Immersion II
NON -MATR - Non Matriculating School Courses
SCH FP501 - Practicum I: School Environment and Educational Assessment
SCH FP502 - Practicum II: Pscyhoeducational Assessment and Intervention
SCH FP601 - Practicum III: Clinical Practice
SCH FP722 - Practicum in Advanced Assessment
SCH FP721 - Practicum in Advanced Assessment I
SCH FP723 - Practicum in Consultation
SCH FP831 - Practicum in Supervision and Administration
SCH FP602 - Practicum IV: Clinical Practice
SCH IA776 - Preschool Services: Assessment and Intervention
SCH PH501 - Preventive Mental Health in the Schools
SCH CC552 - Professional Practice in Latino Mental Health I
SCH CC556 - Professional Practice in Latino Mental Health II
SCH PA500 - Psychoeducational Assessment
SCH PY521 - Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence
SCH IA774 - Reading and Language Arts: Research to Practice
SCH RS555 - Research and Evaluation Methods
SCH PA735 - Rorschach Essentials
SCH PM625 - Rorschach Essentials (continued)
SCH ST631 - School and Family Systems
SCH PS603 - Social Bases of Behavior
SCH PA600 - Social-Emotional Assessment
SCH XX500 - Special Topics
SCH RS526 - Statistics
SCH SU820 - Supervision and Administration of School Psychological Services
SCH CC550 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States I
SCH CC554 - The Experience of Latinos in the United States II
SCH CC549 - The Hispanic/Latino Experience (Introduction Latino Culture)
SCH HP530 - Theoretical Foundations in Clinical Health Psychology

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