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Financial Resources: SALT

William James College Teams Up with SALT to Teach Students and Alumni Money Skills for Life

Financial literacy is critical to your success and debt management. All you need to do is register for this free service!
William James College has chosen to join the nonprofit American Student Assistance® (ASA) in a movement to address the college affordability issue by revolutionizing how students and alumni finance and repay their higher education. Through a game-changing educational membership program called SALT SM, we're equipping students and alumni with money skills so they can reduce their student loan debt, improve student loan repayment outcomes, and increase their overall financial empowerment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is William James College doing to make itself more affordable and ease student debt

William James College is committed to keeping its cost of attendance as affordable as possible through greater efficiencies; we recognize that many students and families must explore multiple options to pay for an education from our institution. We believe that all our students, families and alumni should have access to the most information possible to help them make wise decisions about financing and repaying their education. We have joined with the nonprofit American Student Assistance on a unique program called "SALT" to give our students and alumni the support they need before, during, and after college.

What is SALT

 SALT is a game-changing educational membership program that equips students and alumni with money skills for life so they reduce their student loan debt, improve student loan repayment outcomes, and increase their overall financial empowerment. Combining online and offline interactions, SALT delivers decision support, engaging content, and one-on-one loan repayment guidance in a simple, useful, and motivating experience. Through SALT, American Student Assistance aims to spark a movement to address the college affordability issue by revolutionizing how students and alumni finance and repay their higher education. This win-win approach helps students better manage consumer debt decisions after college;creates a financially savvier next generation of Americans; and enables former students to better engage in the consumerism that fuels the national economy.

How much do students pay for SALT

 SALT is offered at no charge to students and alumni.

Who can benefit from using SALT

 Any college student or alumni who needs to become more financially savvy, whether they've borrowed student loans or not.

How does SALT work
SALT uses many different channels to educate, empower, and engage members. The "surround-sound" program includes: 
  • Proactive communication about student loan repayment options 
  • One-on-one repayment counseling with student loan experts 
  • Personalized online dashboard to track all their federal and private student loans in one place and compare payment options 
  • Highly interactive Web financial education curriculum and other educational content, including the SALT blog – "Money Savvy for College and Beyond" 
  • Multiple "self-serve" Web tools and calculators to assist with budgeting
  • In-person group financial education training at their higher education institution
  • Advocacy and assistance with resolving complex student loan related problems 
  • Meaningful benefits and incentives that lower the total cost of college attendance such as scholarship services, job/internship searches, or discounts on discretionary items
Where can students turn for more help
Students and alumni can contact SALT member support at 855-469-2724 with any questions about their SALT accounts. If members have questions about their student loans, they should call a SALT loan counselor at 877-523-9473. Members can also follow SALT at www.facebook.com/saltmoney or on Twitter at @salt_money.
How do students sign up
Eligible members should receive an invitation email to sign up for SALT. Clicking on the personalized link in that email will take them to the enrollment page. Or they may sign up at www.saltmoney.org directly.
Is their financial information safe
SALT's provider, American Student Assistance, considers information security to be a priority and devotes significant resources to protect the security and integrity of sensitive personal information. SALT and the information stored within are protected by an information security program which includes appropriate physical, logical, technical and administrative controls that are managed by certified security personnel. Please visit ASA's privacy policy at www.saltmoney.org for more information.
Who runs SALT
SALT was created by American Student Assistance, a 57-year-old nonprofit that empowers college students and alumni to successfully manage and repay their student loan debt. ASA has had proven success in lowering student loan delinquency and default through its previous programs of proactive and targeted communication to student loan borrowers. Visit www.asa.org for more information. 

How to Finance Your Education

How to Finance Your Education, Piggy bank on books

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5 Reasons to Join SALT Today

Registration is Easy! Ever wished you had a money coach to help you make better decisions about spending, saving, and borrowing money? Consider signing up for salt. Here are five ways SALT can help you:

Demystify student loans. The choices you make now in borrowing for college can affect your financial wellness for years to come. At saltmoney.org, you can learn the difference between federal and private loans, or subsidized vs. unsubsidized interest. Making better borrowing decisions now can put more cash in your wallet later.

Get money smart. Learn all about banks, budgeting, credit reports, and more with SALT's online interactive My Money 101TM courses. William James College has customized the My Money 101 lessons specifically with its students in mind.

Crunch your numbers. When you log on to saltmoney.org, you can access a personal dashboard where you can track all your federal and private student loans in one place. Find the right repayment fit by comparing the pros and cons of various payment options. Then plan for the future and figure out how far your money will take you based on your projected income and where you'll live.

Get loan advice from an expert counselor. As a SALT member, you have access to chat with a student loan expert one-on-one via email or phone.

Find a job, internship, or scholarship. SALT offers members a searchable database of over 50,000 job and internship opportunities from more than 23,000 employers, as well as a constantly updated list of more than 2 million scholarships worth $15 billion.