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Otto E. Laske, PsyD, PhD

Type of Practice: Developmental psychotherapy and coaching

Specialties: I am trained as a clinical and developmental psychologist and exclusively work with adults. The close relationship between clinical symptoms and level of adult development –assessed through the Constructive Developmental Framework (CDF) –is a focus of my work. Viewing psychotherapy as a developmental process leading to a more mature social-emotional and cognitive self, I work with individuals over a time period from 3 months to years. Clients need to book at least 3 sessions in advance to work with me.

In contrast to conventional psychotherapy, my work is fully informed by the theories of adult development elaborated at Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, between 1975 and 1995. Based on these theories, I conduct conversations that are evaluated by me as an assessment of a client's developmental level and the life and work issues emerging therefrom.

Empirical data from the assessment are the basis of negotiating coaching and psychotherapy contracts with a client. I address the relationship between psychotherapy and coaching on an individual level, depending on the client I am working with, and freely shift between the two foci. I put particular emphasis on clients' cognitive development toward deep or dialectical thinking, a kind of "cognitive therapy" very different from cognitive-behavioral work.

I do not accept insurance of any kind. I work with international clients over Skype but am willing to see clients at my office in Gloucester, MA, USA.

Email: otto@interdevelopmentals.org

Phone: 978.879.4882

Fax: 781.645.1385

Website: www.interdevelopmentals.org/services-coaching.php

Address: 50 Woodbury St., Gloucester, MA 01930

Affiliations: American Psychological Association; I am not licensed by APA. My strongest affiliation is with the Interdevelopmental Institute (IDM), Gloucester, MA, that I founded and direct

Insurance Accepted: None

Accepting Referrals: Yes