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    At The Brenner Center, we have outstanding mental health expertise in the specific area of psychological and neurodevelopmental assessment of children.

Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service for Young Children (NYC)

Do you have questions or concerns about your child between the ages of 2 and the completion of elementary school? Are you worried that your child may be exhibiting some concerning symptoms or behaviors? Have parents, pediatricians, or teachers recommended testing? At The Brenner Center, we have outstanding mental health expertise in the specific area of psychological and neurodevelopmental assessment of children. Our neuropsychological evaluations result in written reports that are useful for parents, pediatricians, educators, early intervention service providers, and others in caregiving or professional roles. While other service providers have waitlists that can be up to a year long, we can offer neurodevelopmental assessments for children with little to no wait time. A young child might need neurodevelopmental evaluation for a variety of reasons:

  • The growing awareness of autism and the autism spectrum, such that parents, pediatricians, and others, raise the question of a possible diagnosis (and early intervention) earlier and more frequently.
  • The increase in the training and awareness of teachers regarding the spectrum of learning difficulties, behaviors manifested, and importance of early diagnosis, relating to young children already experiencing problems in preschool or school.
  • The increasing survival rate of "preemies" (prematurely born infants) and other medically fragile infants who as a consequence of their premature birth have some neurodevelopmental deficits that are apparent early in their life.
  • Children in the age span of 2 through elementary school experience three major transitions: home to preschool, preschool to elementary school, and elementary school to middle school -at the time of any or all of these transitions testing (or re-testing) is often recommended.

We are pleased to have as our Senior Clinician, Dr. Ellen Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg has 30+ years of experience, and the unique credentials of having worked in special education classrooms, as well as in her own private assessment practice. She has degrees in special education, counseling, and a doctorate in clinical psychology. Her previous work administering psychological and neuropsychological testing in all grade levels in public schools, and her subsequent position at the helm of a large integrated preschool, has given her extensive practical experience with a range of neurodevelopmental issues, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and intellectual disabilities. Her school experience has given her a solid working knowledge of special education laws. Her work experience as a special education teacher is the foundation for her commitment to providing recommendations that are functional at home and at school. Led by Dr. Goldberg, our Brenner Center staff (psychologists, Postdoctoral Fellows, and graduate students) are able to answer the following questions:

  • Is my child developing in an age-appropriate manner?
  • Is my child gifted or twice-exceptional?
  • Is my child showing signs of:
    • Autism Spectrum disorder
    • Problems with sensory processing
    • Developmental delays
    • Effects of traumatic experiences
    • Speech and Language difficulties
    • Dyslexia

Our offices in West Roxbury/Newton have ample free parking. We typically complete the testing, issue our written report, and sit with parents for a feedback session, all within 45-60 days of the first face-to-face interview. We offer rapid, state-of-the-art evaluations and consultations. For an appointment or to speak with Dr. Goldberg, please call 617-564-9478. To learn more about our Senior Clinician, Dr. Ellen Goldberg, who has over thirty (30) years of experience and the unique credentials of having worked in special education classrooms, as well as in private assessment practice, click here to read Dr. Goldberg's biography.

Fees and Payment

Our specialized neuropsychological evaluations are offered in two ways: on a self-pay basis, or through Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance coverage. Our self- pay fee for a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation and Report (with feedback session for parents) is $3,000. We can provide an itemized invoice documenting your payment, for you to submit to your insurance if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurer.

We can accept payment by credit card. To make credit card payment, use the PayPal button to the below (you do not need a PayPal account, any credit card can be accepted).

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