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    Community Education programs are designed for parents and families as resources for navigating the many issues faced by children of all ages, from infancy to 18 years

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    Free New Babies/New Moms Support Groups

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  • Freedman Center Community Services

    Free New Babies/New Moms Support Groups

Community Services

Free Support Groups

Free New Babies/New Moms Support Groups
Bring your infant and meet other new mothers.

Free New Babies/New Parents Support Groups
Bring your infant and meet other new parents.

Free New Dads Support Groups
Learn about parenting, and meet other new dads.

Free Post-Partum Support Groups "Balance After Baby"
Are you feeling anxious or sad? We understand! Bring your baby and join us!

Free When a Parent Has Cancer Support Group
Are you a parent who is living with cancer and have a child age 7 to 11 years? We can help.

Free Fun Playtime!
Reconnect with old friends - and make new ones! Your child up to age 4, and a care-giver, are invited to join us for a fun, free, PLAYTIME! Space is limited and admittance will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Workshops and Classes

Infant Massage Class - "Blissful Baby"
This in-depth course will teach parents and caregivers multiple techniques to calm and soothe their baby and strengthen bonds through touch.

Baby Sign Language Class - "Signs of Communication"
This early sign language course introduces up to 20 American Sign Language signs that serve to help babies better communicate their needs while reducing both crying and frustration.

Infant Sleep Workshop - "Sleep, Baby, Sleep"
Includes: setting realistic sleep expectations; creating positive sleep associations and introducing a bedtime routine; establishing a nap schedule; weaning off night-feedings; encouraging longer stretches of sleep; and napping for other caregivers and in other locations.

Other Services

Primary Project
Primary Project is a nationally-known, evidenced based preventive mental health program designed to enhance positive skills and reduce difficulties in preschool through primary grade children.

William James College INTERFACE® Referral Service
Access resources on youth/family mental health issues.

Wondering About Mental Health & Wellness?


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