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CARE (Communities Assisting Relief Efforts) Program

CARE  is a student-interest group with a commitment to community service. Members will organize and implement volunteer projects that provide aid and outreach to individuals and communities in need. In addition to joining community building efforts and providing hands on relief, CARE will raise funds, supplies, and awareness for communities requiring assistance. Participants of CARE will take part in a structured, team oriented immersion experience that is culturally rich and expands members' understanding of community and self.

New Orleans Update

This year's trip was a great success! The week started out wet with a lot of rain but that didn't stop us. We planted trees in a local park and prepared flooring and painted in a home that was being rebuilt. When it dried up later in the week we volunteered in an animal shelter, a Head Start site, installing energy efficient light bulbs in homes, and worked at a Hornets game. We met some great people and made lasting memories during our week in New Orleans.

CARE 2012

CARE 2012

CARE 2012


2012 William James College Care Team:
Elizabeth Abbate, Jeana-Marie Allan, Rob Chester, Ashley Gareau, Briana Johannesen, Amanda Jones, Peter Korn, Kasey Lafreniere, Tracy Lindquist, Lauren Lindsay, Jaclyn Miller, Samantha Nedder.

CARE 2012 team

January 2011 William James College CARE Team (Week 1):
Allison Arrigg, Elizabeth Barcewicz, Andrea Buonaugurio, Peter Lim, Angie Reather, Robert Sawtelle, & Taylor Scull

CARE 2011 Week 1

January 2011 William James College CARE Team (Week 2):
Kaleigh Flanagan, Ryan Gazzola, Bryan Harnsberger, Sasheen Hazel, Amanda Jones, Melissa Schron, & Taylor Scull

CARE 2011 Week 2

January 2010 William James College CARE Team (Week 1):

Laura Andrews, Elizabeth Barcewicz, Tracy Lindquist, Leah Pesculis, Leigh Rosenfeld, Danielle Russo, & Taylor Scull

CARE 2010 Week 1

January 2010 William James College CARE Team (Week 2):
Nerissa Douglas, Lisa Garfunkel, Lisa Giordano, Jennifer Gonzalez, Marcy LeLacheur, Taylor Scull & Norman Tippens.

CARE 2010 Week 2

January 2009 William James College CARE Team:
Sofia Georgoulias, Lisa Giordano, Larry Love, Aziz Nashef, Matt Percy, Leah Pesculis, Taylor Scull, & Whitney Randall 

CARE 2009

July 2008 William James College CARE Team:
Josh Hecht, Larry Love, & Taylor Scull

July 2008 William James College CARE Team

While William James College CARE's primary mission has been to provide aid and outreach to individuals and communities in need, members have found these immersion ventures to be personally and professionally enriching. These service-learning opportunities enhance students' skills, allowing them to better meet the need and make a difference. Inevitably, with each trip students are moved by the strength, hope, courage and honesty of New Orleans residents, and feel that this experience enables them to become better future mental health professionals.

William James College CARE has teamed up with the following organizations:

Student Organizations

Student Organizations