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    Sunday, June 5th at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Joan Wallace-Benjamin to deliver commencement address.

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    The Dean of Students’ Office and the Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) work together to promote self-care and community

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Student Organizations

William James College Promotes Self-Care and Community

The Dean of Students' Office and the Student Coordinating Committee (SCC) work together to promote self-care and community.  Below is a sampling of free programs taking place this year.

William James College offers a number of student-led organizations.  Organizations are open to all students.

Active Minds


  • Change the perception about mental health on college campuses
African Latino Asian Native and Arab American - ALANAA


  • Open to all students
  • Engage in discussions about ethnic related issues as it pertains to fields of mental health
  • Experience a sense of community and belonging
American Neuropsychology Student in Training - ANSIT


  • Open to any student interested in neuropsychology
  • Talk about the field and attend guest lectures
American Psychology - Law Society Division 41 - AP-LS


  • Interdisciplinary organization devoted to scholarship, practice, and public service in psychology and law
Community Service Committee


  • Give back to the community
  • Bring mental health services to the underserved
Diversity Committee


  • Attend monthly discussions and activities
  • Promote and educate others on diversity and difference
Gender Equality Committee


  • Advocate for gender equality and discuss gender specific issues such as feminist psychology
  • Offering special events including guest lectures, film and discussion events
International Students


  • Offering extra peer and faculty support along with gatherings and good discussions
Non-Traditional Student Group


  • Connect with another peer who is changing professions, has children, a spouse, or is older than the average student
Positive Psychology


  • Open to all who are passionate about positive psychology and personal development
  • Work towards applying positive psychology to your personal and professional life
Rainbow Alliance


  • All are welcome
  • Discuss LGBTQ issues at William James College and Beyond
  • Participate in an LGBTQ Mentoring Program

For those of you who do not know, the month of June is nationally designated as Pride month in memory of a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in NYC in late June 1969. This raid set off a series of protests and riots advocating for LGBT rights, and is considered the impetus for the current LGBT rights movement. (There's lots of pretty good info about the history of Gay Pride on Wikipedia.)

There are many Pride events to attend in Boston, you can check them out on www.bostonpride.org. All are welcome to all events - you don't have to identify as LGB T to have fun at Pride events or to recognize Pride as an important part of engendering equality in our society.

Student Coordinating Committee


  • William James College's student government where student voices are heard and growth is made.
  • For students interested in making a difference and improving the learning experience

The SCC is comprised of two co-chairs, class representatives, and student representatives to various administrative and school committees that work to represent the voice of the entire student body. The Student Coordinating Committee acts as a vital link in the flow of communication between all the various constituencies within the school. Students serving on the SCC are an integral part of the majority of faculty and administrative committees that exist in the school. Students are provided a voice in much of the decision-making that occurs at William James College and are afforded the opportunity to represent the interest of their peers throughout our community.

The SCC provides a great opportunity to become acquainted with the MSSP community. Becoming involved helps to maintain the consideration of students’ perspectives and needs as well as assuring a sense of community among the students, faculty, and administration. The SCC is also working to establish more student-led groups and to aid in planning additional educational and social activities.

In the meantime, we'd like to introduce you to MyCampus and its various components. On MyCampus you will find access to library information, department documents (registrar, financial aid etc.), and the SCC homepage. There is also a "Student Marketplace" located on MyCampus, where you can list things you'd like to sell (books, furniture, etc), jobs wanted/available, housing and roommate requests, and much more. It’s like William James College’s version of “Craigslist.” This is a great way to become familiar with some of the other things that our community has to offer.

SCC Sports Club


  • Dedicated to bringing athletics and fun to William James College.  In the past we have run softball and kickball teams.
Veterans and Military Connected Group


  • Provides support to our military and their families
  • For veterans, military or military connected members of our community

Continuing Education

Continuing Education