Staff: Gloria Noronha

Gloria Noronha

Gloria Noronha

Senior Diversity Officer

Gloria Noronha has 14 years of higher education experience having served in diversity leadership roles at Emerson College and Arizona State University. In her roles, she has provided strategic direction, thought leadership and champions the development of inclusive environments by integrating diversity practice into all aspects of the institution on a global scale. Her many initiatives focused on strengthening diversity and inclusion programming and capacity for change, coordinating inclusive excellence efforts, building community relations with affinity groups, and leading diversity strategic planning.

Noronha has a deep understanding and a wealth of practical experience in the global and transnational aspects of institutional diversity. She has experience researching, developing, and managing impactful and inclusive communication strategies as well as a history of collaborating effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her professional experience in strategic communications, public and media relations, and crisis management includes:

  • Program development in diversity, equity, inclusion and multiculturalism
  • Creating and executing organizational learning strategies
  • Developing and implementing effective communication strategies.
  • Managing internal and external communications

In her administrative roles at Emerson College she worked on academic and programmatic initiatives designed to grow awareness and generate support for Emerson's increased dedication to inclusive excellence. These efforts resulted in partnerships between Emerson’s senior leadership and members of the international community in Boston. She cultivated partnerships and managed media relations, promoting programing that created the foundation for what later became Emerson’s leading and innovative platform of inclusive excellence. Working with President Pelton and the President’s Council, she maintained the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and felt very confident handing over the department’s leadership to the incoming Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion, Dr. Sylvia Spears.

In her roles at Arizona State University she worked in Student Affairs focusing on student and cultural engagement, bringing global and transnational focus to one of the largest student body populations in the country with over 91,000 students across 5 campuses, which included nearly 11,000 international students from over 150 countries. She worked in the newly created division of Student & Cultural Engagement (SCE) in Educational Outreach and Student Services (EOSS) where she created a new vision, a new mission, and the strategic implementation plan for the division, and managed the communications strategy for new co-curricular programs such as ASU’s global platform for innovation. She served as creative director and manager for the department’s visual identity, overseeing design and production of all marketing materials and media content, ensuring that they aligned with ASU’s brand strategy and messaging.

As faculty in the School of Communication at Emerson College, Noronha has taught Marketing, Communication and Leadership classes and her teaching philosophy is informed by diversity and inclusive excellence, which she believes is a foundational principle of academic rigor. Experiential learning is core to her educational philosophy and she believes that students benefit by taking an active role in their education by making choices and assuming responsibility for intelligent inquiry and discovery. She creates and preserves a complex, rigorous, and realistic classroom climate that is both student- and problem-centric with an emphasis on repetition and recursive course design to reinforce student learning.

In her role as a higher education consultant she provides workshops, presentations and lectures to provide student leaders and administrative cohorts with tools to improve on and map out a successful college career and for surmounting the challenges encountered in higher education.

Noronha’s core competencies include strategic planning and evaluating processes to provide custom fit results for a team, department, or cohort. Her passion for global engagement and international relations combined with her background and personal experiences has allowed her to transition fluidly within diverse spaces and groups. Sharing access and teaching others to navigate systems in a changing environment drives her to continue to serve groups across the spectrum of higher education institutions.

Prior to working in higher education, Noronha has held roles in management, marketing and public relations developing strong connections with surrounding communities to increase access to and for universities and colleges.

Noronha strives to be a respectful and inclusive leader and learner and where appropriate, she incorporates and aligns the values of social justice and academic excellence with existing institutional goals. Her record demonstrates a long professional commitment to cultivating productive partnerships with a wide range of constituencies (faculty, staff, students, board of trustees, and community members), and an effective history of shaping positive media coverage and crafting communication strategies that support institutional goals.

Gloria Noronha is William James College’s inaugural director for diversity, equity and inclusion.