Lionel Joseph Lionel S. Joseph, PhD, PsyD


  • Associate Professor, Clinical Department
  • Associate Director of Training, Field Education Department


  • Clinical Seminar II
  • Clinical Seminar IV
  • Directed Studies in Special Topics in Ethics
  • Lead instructor, APA Internship Consortium Seminar on Professional Practice, Diversity and Difference (which he and Dr. Amaro Laria developed in 2007).

Other courses taught at William James College/MSPP:

  • Culturally Sensitive Responses to Trauma and the Aftermath of Disaster: Assessment and Consultation (also a course that he developed)
  • Clinical Interviewing; Directed Studies in Trauma and the Middle East
  • Personal and Professional Identity Formation: Psychologists-in-Training from Non-Western Backgrounds
  • The Psychology of Children of Refugees.

Research and Practice Interests

  • Integration of theory and practice
  • Posttraumatic reactions
  • Diversity and difference
  • Law and mental health
  • History of psychology

Professional Licenses and Certifications

  • Psychologist/Health Services Provider MA

Publications and Presentations

Haddad, D., Johnson, L. S., Joseph, L. S., Moorehead-Slaughter, O., & Shapiro, E. (2016, May). CMTP/NMTP Identity Dialogue: Legacy. Presented to the Center for Multicultural Training in Psychology, Boston, MA.

Hopkins, K., Jampel, R., Joseph, L. S., Kliman, J., Mervyn, F., & Rosowsky, E. (2015, November). A psychologist confronts the end of life. Presented to William James College, Newton, MA.

Joseph, L. S. (2013, October). Understanding the DSM-5 revolution. Presented to Community Legal Services and Counseling Center, Cambridge, MA.

Joseph, L. S. & Ecker, B. (2013, June). Probable implications of DSM-5 for children and adolescents with special needs. Presented to Massachusetts Advocates for Children, Boston, MA.

Current Professional Leadership and/or Concurrent Work Experience

  • Small private practice in supervision and consultation

Prior Professional Leadership and/or Work Experience

  • President, M. Gorman Psychological Associates, Inc., Boston, MA, 2007-2014
  • Director of Training, Dr. Leon O. Brenner Center for Psychological Assessment and Consultation, Boston, MA, 2013-2014; Managing Director, 2006-2013
  • Clinical Director, Brighton-Allston Mental Health Association, Brighton, MA, 1999-2004; Clinical Coordinator and Psychotherapist, 1995-1998
  • Psychotherapist, Behavior Management Services, Boston, MA, 1995-1998; converted to solo private practice, 1999

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Massachusetts Psychological Association

Community Engagement

  • Community Legal Services and Counseling Center, Cambridge, MA, 1990-2013
  • Red Batons, Baton Rouge, LA, 2009-2014. Dr. Joseph led six groups of William James College/ MSPP students in providing psychological assessment services under local supervision to low-income African-American children and adolescents displaced by Hurricane Katrina (August, 2005); to similar children in Baton Rouge schools and a university; and in providing consultation and emotional support to local clinicians who were working with these young people and their families.