Mengchun Chian Mengchun (Meng) Chiang, PhD


  • Assistant Professor, Clinical Psychology Department


  • PhD in Clinical Psychology, Duquesne University
  • MA in Psychology, University of West Georgia
  • BS in Psychology, National Taiwan University


  • Personality Assessment
  • Research Methods

Research and Practice Interests

Practice interests:

  • Cultural Diversity
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Severe psychopathology
  • Trauma
  • Personality Disorder
  • Psychodynamic psychotherapy

Research interests:

  • Qualitative and quantitative methodology
  • Multicultural Mental Health Research
  • Psychotherapy Process and Outcome research
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
  • Theoretical psychology
  • Phenomenology
  • Post-colonial theories

Professional Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Psychologist in Massachusetts
  • Licensed Psychologist in Pennsylvania
  • Credentialed Health Service Psychologist by the National Register

Publications and Presentations

Chiang, M. (in press, 2016). “You just know it’s the only thing you can think”: A conversation with Chodorow. Women & Therapy.

Chiang, M. (2016, August). Framing Microaggressions: When Cultural and Psychoanalytic Perspectives Meet, Rupture, and Reconcile. Paper presented at the annual convention of American Psychological Association, Denvor, CO

Buchanan, N. T., & Chiang, M. (2016, July). I didn’t know what to do… Responding to Microaggressions Workshop. Paper presented at APA Division 45 Research Conference, Palo Alto, CA.

Terzian, C., Wiley, R., Chiang, M., Carroll, J., & Leary, K. (2016, April). Patient Perception Of Interventions Used In Therapy And Patient Outcomes In A Psychodynamic Training Clinic. Poster presentation at APA Division 39 Spring Meeting, Atlanta, GA.  

Chiang, M. (2015, December). Clinical Application of Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Research: Why, how, and what? Invited talk at Dong-Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan.

Chiang, M.  (2015, April). Explorations of the influences of integrated care on lives of psychiatric patients and related implications: A Case Study. Poster Presentation at 2015 Harvard Psychiatry Research Day Poster Session and Mysell Lecture, Boston, MA

Burley, J., Chiang, M., Geier, F., Gray, S., Schwartz, S., Westerling, T., Yang, Y., & Zona, K. (2015, February). Race and Policing: Multiple Perspectives on volatile relations and implications for mental health care.  Grand Rounds presentation at Cambridge Health Alliance, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Pena, E., Kjaieallah, T., Chiang, M., He, Y., Bennasar, M. C., & Rapini, S. (2013, January). Psychotherapy, Supervision, and Training in U.S. Heritage Languages: Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese, and Arabic. Symposium/Panel Presentation at 2013 National Multicultural Conference & Summit Biennial Conference, Houston, Texas. 

Chiang, M. (2012, October).  Cultural-free therapeutic encounter: a disillusion? Paper presentation at the 2012 Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Chiang, M. (2012, June). Children’s Lived Spaces in Suburban Taiwan During the 1960s. Invited talk at Dong-Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan.

Chiang, M. (2012, June). A living reflection on the Science of Qualitative Research: Using a cultural and gender study on phenomenological experience of otherness as an example. Invited talk at Dong-Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan.

Fan, H., & Chiang, M. (2012, May). The Development of Clinical Psychology in Modern China: Past, Present, and Future. Oral presentation at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Chiang, M. (2012, April). Sojourning in the Margin: Living as wives of international students: A Dissertation Proposal. Oral presentation at the Center for Interpretive and Qualitative Research, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Chiang, M. (2011, October). Rethinking Somatization Disorder as an Other’s Expression in Cultural Contexts. Poster presentation at Psychology of the Other Conference, Lesley College, Boston, Massachusetts. 

Current Professional Leadership and/or Concurrent Work Experience

  • Teaching Associate, Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA
  • Secretary, Executive Committee, The Clinical Psychology of Ethnic Minority (Division 12, Section IV) of American Psychological Association (2015-present)
  • Clinical Psychologist, the DANA Group Associates

Prior Professional Leadership and/or Work Experience

  • Clinical Fellow in Psychology, Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA
  • Consultant, Ronald G. Sass & Associates

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychological Association
  • Member American Psychological Association Affiliations: Division 39 (Psychoanalytic Psychology); Task Force on Indigenous Psychology, Division 32; Division 12, Section 6 (Ethnic Minority in the Clinical Psychology Division)
  • Society of Personality Assessment
  • Massachusetts Psychological Association
  • Taiwan Psychology Network

Community Engagement

  • Café Philo @ Boston