Generic Profile Picture Scott Wimer, MA, PhD


  • Adjunct Faculty, Leadership PsyD


  • PhD, Psychology UCLA
  • MA, Psychology UCLA
  • BA, Psychology University of Rochester


  • Adaptive Leadership and Immunity to Change (LP740)

Research and Practice Interests

  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational culture
  • Professional development for consultants and coaches
  • T-groups, 360° feedback
  • Teams and team dynamics
  • Consulting skills

Publications and Presentations

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Current Professional Leadership and/or Concurrent Work Experience

  • Wimer Associates, Organization Development Consultant and Executive Coach, Los Angeles, CA.
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Organization Development/EAP Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Southern California Region
  • General Dynamics/Pomona Division, Training and Organization Effectiveness Consultant, California
  • Independent Organization Development Consultant, California

Professional Affiliations

  • National OD Network
  • OD in LA
  • Association for Talent Development

Community Engagement

  • Co-Leader, ATD (formerly American Society for Training and Development), Los Angeles -- OD Special Interest Group
  • Presenter at various professional associations, and guest lecturer at various colleges and universities