Terrie Burda Terrie Burda, PsyD

617-327-6777 x1226, Work Space 205B


  • Associate Professor


  • PsyD in Clinical, William James College
  • BA, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


  • Projective Methods
  • Advanced Projective Methods
  • Rorschach Essentials
  • TAT Analysis
  • Therapeutic Assessment: Intervention and Practice
  • Integrated Psychological Testing

Research and Practice Interests

  • Therapeutic Assessment
  • Forensic assessment
  • Psychological assessment integration in developing effective therapeutic approaches
  • Suicide and violent risk
  • Treatment outcomes

Professional Licenses and Certifications

  • Licensed Psychologist and Certified Health Services Provider (Massachusetts)
  • Registrant, National Register of Health Service Psychologists
  • Designated Forensic Psychology Certification, Department of Mental Health

Current Professional Leadership and/or Concurrent Work Experience

  • Designated Forensic Psychologist
  • Assistant Professor
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital Worcester, MA
  • Member, DMH statewide inpatient 15(b) Quality Improvement Committee.
  • Department of Mental Health – Forensic Division
  • Private Practice in Assessment, Treatment, Supervision, and Consultation

Prior Professional Leadership and/or Work Experience

  • Clinical and Assessment Supervisor – Harvard Medical School
  • Clinical and Assessment Supervisor – University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Designated Forensic Psychologist, Clinical and Assessment Supervisor – Applied Psychological Services, Medfield, MA
  • Clinician, Fuller Hospital Clinician, Cambridge Associates in Psychotherapy and Mediation
  • Private Practice in Assessment and Treatment

Professional Affiliations

  • American Psychology-Law Society
  • Society for Personality Assessment (SPA)
  • International Society of the Rorschach and Projective Methods
  • American Psychological Association
  • Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration