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Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAMT)

Rationale for the Threat Assesment and Management Team

All employers are required under federal law to maintain a workplace that is safe and free from harassment or intimidation.  Employers are also expected to investigate any reports of threats or violations of their standards of workplace behavior.

Team Members

  • Gerald Sweet, PhD (Team Leader)
  • Josh Cooper, JD
  • Kevin Costello
  • Robin Deutsch, PhD
  • Maura Kiley
  • Robert Kinscherff, PhD, JD


The mission of the TAMT is to review all reports of concern about personal or campus security.  After its initial review, the Team will develop and implement a specific plan for investigation of the person(s) and behavior(s) of concern.

Reporting Procedure

Any faculty member, staff member or student who has a concern about safety is encouraged to report this to the TAMT.  You may make a report to your academic advisor, Department Chair, Director of Human Resources, or any member of the Team.  You can also make a report by calling 617-448-9014 or 310-463-4061. The Team discourages individuals from making anonymous reports of threats, violations of policy, or misconduct. Reports that are made anonymously complicate the investigative process.  If the TAMT receives an anonymous report, it will be reviewed to assess the indications for and feasibility of a response from the Team. 

Investigation of Complaints

The TAMT will conduct interviews, consult with third parties who are in a position to provide relevant information, and consult with other agencies.  The Team will also develop a security plan, as needed, for affected individuals and for the College and its facilities.

Adjudication of Complaints

The Team will report its findings to the College administration for review and disposition.  The Team is not directly involved in the adjudication of complaints.

The Threat Assessment and Management Team encourages all members of the William James College community to remember that workplace safety is a shared responsibility among faculty, staff and students.  We encourage you to report any concerns about your safety or the safety of others.

“If you see something, say something.”