Student Ambassador: Amber Williams

Faculty Name

Amber Williams

Student Ambassador, Organizational and Leadership Psychology MA

Hometown Massachusetts
College BA, Columbia College Chicago
MA, William James College
Program Organizational and Leadership Psychology, MA
Concentration Talent Management
Class of 2022

I started my career in the retail and food service industries while completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Chicago, Illinois. After a few years working with customers and leading hourly employees as a store manager, I was able to make the transition onto a small corporate team as the training and development leader for a young, growing company. In that role, I designed and implemented new hire onboarding and developmental training programs, leadership workshops, performance development initiatives, employee engagement events, and so much more. I learned a lot on my own, but I felt like I was missing important key skills and competencies that would have benefitted me and my work in that role. 

Once I knew for certain that people development was where I truly wanted to focus my work, I looked into organizational development degree programs and found William James College. I went to the virtual open house and reached out to the program director to learn more. Everyone that I encountered at William James was not only timely in their responses but incredibly authentic and supportive in their communications with me. Right away, I knew I belonged here. 

The MAOP program has been a fantastic fit. The instructors are genuine, supportive and give great feedback. The cohort model really works to build a support network of peers and future colleagues that you can learn from and lean on with questions about the coursework. I encourage anyone interested in a degree in organizational development, organizational psychology, or talent management to consider the MAOP program at William James.

The application process can be intimidating but I have found that if you take time to reach out and talk to people who work or study at William James, your confidence will greatly improve, and your nerves will be calmed. If you have any questions about my experience here, please do not hesitate to reach out!