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Arifa Roban Arifa Roban

New York, NY 
BS, York College
MA, Psychology from Queens College, SUNY

Leadership Psychology PsyD
Class of 2019

I decided to join the William James educational community to pursue a PsyD in Leadership Psychology because of my love for psychology and business.  After several years of aggressively exploring programs that caters to my personal and professional needs, without success, I was introduced to William James College by a close friend who works in higher education.  The Leadership Psychology PsyD Program at William James College was the perfect match.  I have learned that in life our individual journeys are not often chosen by us, but rather they choose us. It is difficult to conceptualize how one decision to take the first step can lead to rewards that are boundless.  Nevertheless, perseverance and humility are essential components to successful outcomes in the program. My experiences at Wiiliam James College have prepared me to look beyond my personal biases and blind spots and embrace the humanness that is experienced by everyone.  In a world that is dark with hatred it is important that institutions of higher education equip students to be change agents in a world filled with social injustices.  William James College is an institution that mobilizes change agents. 

Growing up, the concept of women in high leadership roles was non-existent.  Leadership was a male dominant role and as such I never conceptualized the possibility of a role in leadership.  Over the years and most recently we witnessed the shattering of the leadership glass ceiling for women, but there is still room for growth and the rise of more women in higher leadership roles.  I obtained a graduate degree in psychology from Queens College of the City University of New York in 2010.  Although I currently work in a clinical setting, the dynamics at play within organizational systems have always intrigued me and created an intense desire for a career shift.  The Leadership PsyD program at William James College has provocatively transformed my perception of what my role in leadership can become.  The William James community is a family unit.  I have never experienced such great sense of genuine concern about my success at any other higher learning institution.  The creative and innovative teaching approach in this program is essential for the demands of leadership psychology in the future. William James is unlike any other institution of higher learning because it provides practical applications to concepts in unconventional ways that are taught by qualified professionals in the field.  In addition, the blended program caters to the development of close relationships with one's cohort and is instrumental in providing peer support during one of the most challenging and rewarding academic endeavor.

Currently, I work in New York City in a clinical setting and manage a case load of clients with co-occurring disorders (substance abuse and mental health disorders). In light of the growing epidemic of opioids abuse in our nation and other prescription medication the need for leadership consultant with diverse backgrounds is essential in tackling these issues within a system.  William James College continues to accommodate to our changing world.  Do not rethink your place in the Leadership PsyD program at William James College because of your current professional/educational background and experiences.  William James College is an institution that is unboxed. Diversity and inclusion, both academically and individually, are celebrated and encouraged. What are you waiting for? Make that decision to start the program today.  "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" (Lao Tzu).  I look forward to hearing from you and I am eager to respond to any questions you may have.