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Catherine TeoticoCatherine Teotico

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Children & Families of Adversity & Resilience (CFAR) Concentration 
Class of 2021

Hello Prospective Students!

My name is Catherine Teotico. I was born in Manila, Philippines. Living there for most of my childhood, I would often see people going through very difficult times without anyone giving them a second glance.  Following my parents’ example, I would often volunteer in hospitals and community health centers. Needless to say, my drive to live a life in service to others was instilled in me at a very young age.

At age thirteen, my family and I immigrated to America. During those first few years, I live with my uncle and two of my cousins, who were both diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. It was during this time I had a first-hand experience with the enormous toll that mental illness places not only on the individual but also those around them. I realized then that I wanted to do my part to better understand people suffering through mental illness and how best to help them.

I thus declared psychobiology as my major entering UCLA. During the start of my academic career, I believed that I could best accomplish my goals through pursuing a degree in medicine.  However, over the course of my undergraduate studies, my passions drifted more and more to psychology and therapy. While at UCLA, I researched the correlation between early life stress and cardiovascular health risk. Simultaneously, I conducted my own research on parental bonding and psychological adjustment in college.

These experiences led me to seek out a doctorate in clinical psychology. Initially, I was interested in William James due to their Children & Families of Adversity & Resilience (CFAR) concentration. However, it was during my interview that I truly appreciated the uniqueness of William James. The moment you walked into the building you felt a sense of family. The faculty was not only incredibly knowledgeable but supportive and compassionate as well. I felt that these people would do their absolute best to help me be the best clinician I could possibly be and that feeling holds true until today.

The faculty here at William James have helped me grow and discover new avenues that I never previously considered. Initially, my future career goals included working with children suffering from autism spectrum disorder, but it has now since expanded to working with adolescents and young adults suffering with mood disorders, anxiety, and trauma.

Here at William James there is an endless possibility of careers and opportunities. We all have our past experiences that inform our initial career choices, but I hope that like me, you will allow yourself to be open to these new ideas and experiences. It’s amazing how much you will grow throughout your time here at William James. Don’t be afraid to seize all the opportunities no matter how foreign they may be. You’ll discover more of your abilities and more importantly, how you can make the world a better place!

With that said, I wish you all the best of luck, and should you have any questions please feel free to reach out!