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Dov GoldDov Gold

New York
Brandeis University
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Class of 2021

Hello prospective students!

My name is Dov and I am an incoming student for the Clinical Psychology program here at William James College. My passion for the field of Psychology first took hold while I was attending high school in New York City. My interest with human behavior combined with my empathetic disposition gave rise to the realization that I want to make a career out of helping people, and being a therapist seemed like the perfect way to do just that. Ever since then, every decision I have made about my academic career has been a stepping stone along the path to getting my doctorate. As an undergraduate, I attended Brandeis University in Massachusetts, where I eagerly declared a double major in Psychology and Health by the end of my second year. While enrolled, I held multiple research positions in both academic and hospital settings and was even lucky enough to help present an Abstract at the American Epilepsy Society's research conference in Seattle. Additionally, I had the unique opportunity to work for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for the state of Massachusetts where I worked on the front lines of behavioral health policy. During my time at Health and Human Services I asked my supervisor if he had any recommendations for graduate programs for "an aspiring clinical psychologist". Without hesitation he suggested I look into William James College (formerly MSPP), as it housed one of the largest graduate programs in psychology in the northeast.

When I began applying to graduate schools during my senior year, I admit I was nervous. Although my resume was bolstered with diverse experiences, I was under the impression that without a Masters, or at the very least an undergraduate thesis, I wouldn't be a very competitive applicant for a doctoral program. During my final semester at Brandeis, I took a job at William James College as a research assistant in the Office of Research. During that time, I got the chance to see this program from the inside and meet many of the people whose pictures seemed to populate flyers and information pamphlets. Beyond all of that, I got an unfiltered sense of the community that William James College has to offer. And while I may have applied to upwards of 10 doctoral programs, none of them demonstrated the supportive and nurturing environment that existed on the William James campus. Everyone, from classmates, professors, and even administrators genuinely wants to see the students achieve their academic goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.

In the end, my choosing of William James College boiled down to a handful of factors. Firstly, I had failed to come across many doctoral programs that offered the same emphasis on clinical experience as part of their curriculum. Moreover, it was rare to find a PsyD program that offered a concentration in Neuropsychology, which was what I had hoped to orient myself toward during my doctoral training. Secondly, was this repeated notion of "the William James Family." During my application process, I saw a lot of institutions advertise their "family," but William James College inculcated that notion through open houses and even during the interview processes. And being 180 miles away from home, having a family dynamic where people are invested in your well-being made all the difference to me. While I may still be anxious to begin my program, I am positive that I can try my hardest at whatever I do here, because of the overwhelming amount of supports the school has to offer.