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Enin RudelEnin Rudel

MSW, Simmons University
Leadership Psychology PsyD
Class of 2020

A desire for professional growth and development led me to explore the idea of pursuing a doctoral degree. As a licensed psychotherapist with a master’s degree in clinical social work, I was essentially trained to focus on the needs of the individual. What intrigued me about the Leadership Psychology PsyD Program was that it provided me with an opportunity to consider the organizational system as a whole. Moreover, the curriculum encouraged me to consider culture in a much broader context.

I was fascinated by this new-found perspective. This was an opportunity to gain insight into the factors that contribute to, or detract from, one’s sense of psychological safety within the workplace. Beyond highlighting the building blocks of a healthy organizational culture, this program has deepened my understanding of effective leadership. I have also found that the scope of the program aligns nicely with my core values of inclusion, awareness, and effective communication.

Across healthcare systems, there is a great need for establishing healthy workplace environments. In the face of conditions such as burnout or financial constraint, infusing the principles of organizational development into workplace culture can make the difference between turnover and job retention. In reflecting upon my own professional experiences, I can say that the organizations that understood this were the ones that thrived. As such, my goal as an organizational development practitioner is to help organizations bridge the gap between where they are, and where they hope to be.

In considering the Leadership Psychology PsyD Program, I would encourage you to view the competencies that you will learn as being transferrable across disciplines. Enrolling into this program has proven to be one of the greatest investments that I have ever made. The process of growth has been multifaceted, as it has occurred both professionally and personally. My hope is that you will experience this same transformation.  

The journey will not be without its share of challenges. However, know that you have the fortitude and courage to persevere. Furthermore, know that the faculty at William James College have a vested interest in your success. You will not be alone on this journey!

I wish you the very best and look forward to answering any questions you might have.