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Hermeline PierreHermeline Pierre

Curry College
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA
Health and Behavioral Medicine Emphasis
Global Mental Health Concentration
Class of 2018

Hello Prospective Students!

My journey to William James was a leap of faith that started a journey to the best career choice. I was born and raised in Massachusetts and graduated from Curry College back in 2013 with a BS in Community Health & Wellness along with a minor in Biology. After working for two years not in my field of studies, it only seemed right to go back to school. I cried over the money spent on the GRE and applications to numerous schools for Public Health just to not go. After talking to a friend who thought I would make a great therapist, I went searching for programs. William James was the first school at the top of my search and just my luck the deadline had already passed. I decided to contact admissions anyways and Joseph Luszcz told me if I could get my application in by Monday (it was a Friday) then he would try to get me an interview. Long story short, I interviewed that Monday, got accepted, went to orientation that Wednesday and it’s been history since all thanks to Joe and Dr. Laboy.

 I am currently a student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program with an emphasis in Health and Behavioral Medicine as well as the school-wide concentration of Global Mental Health. I can honestly say when it came to choosing William James College, it was a no brainer after the opportunity they gave me. Through my time here I have found WJC to truly be a community that goes beyond the basics when it comes to curriculum and support systems. As an individual who is passionate about helping underserved populations, I really like that the school strives for students to be competent in working with diverse populations and being an advocate for those populations as well. I also appreciate the size of the school having come from a small undergraduate institution where I knew a good amount of people in my graduating class. 

On campus I am member of the Student Coordinating Committee, a student under the Center for Multicultural & Global Mental Health, and Black Mental Health Academy scholar. I plan on applying to the PsyD program after earning my Masters and hope to begin my multifaceted career path within psychology and global mental health. I want to provide therapy to children of immigrant parents, refugees and people who come from backgrounds of little to no psychology language. I want to help countries where emotional support is needed to cope after a disaster. Additionally, I want to do testing for children and adolescents. I hope to one day not only be a neuropsychologist, but also develop a strength-based program that helps young girls around the world.

My advice to you is don’t be afraid to ask for help. The support you receive from administration, professors, and fellow students is just amazing. Your professors genuinely want you to succeed but you must be willing to ask for help if you need it! Graduate school is a journey that doesn’t need to be more difficult than it already is so use your resources and don’t be afraid to ask questions!