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Jessica PriceJessica Price

New Hampshire
Rivier University, Hesser College
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Military & Veterans Psychology Area of Emphasis
Forensic Psychology Concentration
Class of 2020

My name is Jessica Price and I am a third year Clinical PsyD student. I am dual concentrating in the Military & Veteran Psychology (MVP) emphasis and Forensic Psychology concentration.  Like many of my peers, I can frequently be found laughing with friends on the first floor or working in the research office. I completed my bachelor’s in psychology at Hesser College in 2012 and a master’s in clinical psychology at Rivier University in 2015.  I am originally from Newbury, Massachusetts and currently live between there and Londonderry, New Hampshire.  With such a long commute (and horrible traffic), you might wonder why I chose a program so far away. 

I chose William James College for several reasons.  First, I had an amazing experience working with the admissions department; they were constantly answering my questions, helping me track down paperwork, connecting me with current students, and even let me visit campus to sit in on a class.  My next visit to campus was for interview day where I was introduced to students who would become my peers and close friends.  I remember driving home and feeling so worried that I wouldn’t get in.  I also remember how excited I was when I received my acceptance.  From that day onward, it’s been a whirlwind of learning, networking, and personal growth.  It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but every experience has allowed me to grow into the type of clinician I wish to be.  Which begs the question, who do I want to be?

I want to be a clinician who chases their passions, is willing to take on new challenges, and is always eager to learn.  While at William James College I have the pleasure of serving as the coordinator of the Train Vets to Treat Vets (TVTV) program.  As a veteran, the work of the TVTV program is something I take personally.  I work closely with faculty and staff associated with the MVP program, plan and attend outreach events, serve as a mentor for incoming veterans, and actively support the growth of the MVP emphasis, military community, and TVTV program. 

What advice do I have for new students?  Be involved.  Some of the best experiences and most rewarding opportunities have come from connecting with peers, faculty, and staff at WJC.  Also, organize and prioritize.  Developing a system to track deadlines and shifting priorities and goals is crucial to being successful.  With everything that is going on, don’t forget to schedule in sleep and fun.  This program is a marathon, not a sprint.  Lastly, make friends.  This is a challenging program and there is always some looming deadline just around the corner.  Make sure you connect with you peers and develop a network that will give you the support to complete the program.  The friends you make here will be the people who will commiserate with your struggles and help celebrate your victories.