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Kelsey GriloKelsey Grilo

Rhode Island
Roger Williams University
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Forensic and Correctional Counseling Area of Emphasis
Class of 2020

My name is Kelsey Grilo and I am a student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in the Forensic and Correctional cohort. I grew up in Providence, RI and have always been passionate about psychology and mental health; however, I was unsure whether this career path was the right option for me. For this reason, I attended the Community College of Rhode Island and received my Associate’s degree in general studies in May 2015. From there, I pursued my true passion and attended Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. Through this experience I was able to learn more about basic psychological theories while also explore modern concepts of treatment. I graduated in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in psychology.

I gained initial experience of caring for others from childcare positions I worked in while in school. I used these skills to offer guidance to children in difficult moments and witness positive growth and progress. I used these skills to offer guidance to children in difficult moments and witness the positive growth associated with achieving goals. From this experience, I became sure that I wanted to pursue a career in the helping field and assist individuals in both navigating challenges and reaching self-actualization. Furthermore, the growing concern of substance abuse and racial injustice in our country in our society have inspired me to become involved in criminal justice reform. Considering this, I was eager to attend a graduate school that offered specialization in forensic counseling and chose to join William James College and study Forensic and Correctional Counseling.

I am happy with my decision to become apart of the William James community. I have had endless opportunities to learn various theoretical orientations and clinical skills, and also have had the chance to practice and improve these skills in my field placement. WJC professors are especially knowledgeable and are eager to help students in anyway they can. Observing the styles of various mental health professionals who teach at WJC has allowed me to develop my own clinical style. I am looking forward to beginning my second year internship and improving my clinical competence further. Any students considering on attending WJC should be excited, dedicated, and confident that he or she will have the skills they need to succeed in this field upon graduation.

I will receive a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in May 2020 and will continue to advance my education through hands on interactions and field experience with clients. I hope to receive my LMHC license shortly after graduation and apply to the Doctoral psychology program.