Student Ambassador: Leslie Dolinar

Faculty Name

Leslie Dolinar

Student Ambassador, Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA

Hometown California
College Pennsylvania State University
Program Clinical Mental Health Counseling, MA
Concentration Forensic and Correctional Counseling
Global Mental Health Counseling
Class of 2022


My name is Leslie Dolinar and I am studying to be a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at William James College. I am a California native, who absolutely loves to travel, move around, and experience new cultures and people. After taking some time living and volunteering in orphanages in both Spain and Romania, as well as working locally in residential homes with incarcerated youth, I found my heart being pulled towards furthering my education in the mental health field. My experiences both locally and abroad have allowed me to see the good, the bad, and the beautiful and offered me a newfound sense of self-sufficiency and purpose.  

When searching for graduate programs that could fulfill my unique desire to work both with youth involved in the criminal justice system and with international organizations, William James College was the perfect match. I was able to enroll in the forensic and correctional track, while simultaneously enrolling in the global mental health school wide concentration. Both areas of study have prompted me to receive clinical experience at placements that continue to enhance my skills and prepare me for my professional career.  

To any prospective and or new students enrolling at William James College, my advice is to take advantage of the different emphases and concentrations offered. Each program has courses that are unique to each area of study, as well as faculty who are extremely passionate about offering students the most out of their education. My time at William James College has allowed me to develop a sincere rapport with both my professors and advisors, who I can confidently turn to for literally anything. The sense of community and support that comes with being a part of the WJC community are what make all the hard work of being a graduate student worth it!