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Nathalie AlexisNathalie Alexis

Boston College
Clinical Psychology PsyD
Children & Families of Adversity & Resilience (CFAR) Concentration
Class of 2019

Hello prospective students! My name is Nathalie Alexis. I am from Boston, Massachusetts and I received my Bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology at Boston College in 2014. At BC, I had the pleasure of working with children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence and that experience corroborated my goal of becoming a child psychologist.

I am a doctoral candidate in the Clinical Psychology program here at William James College. I am currently enrolled in the Children and Families for Adversity and Resilience (CFAR) and Global Mental Health (GMH) concentrations. I am also a scholar in the  Black Mental Health Graduate Academy. Throughout my time at William James College, I have trained at Memorial Spaulding Elementary School providing both individual and group counseling to school-aged children; the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, where I delivered short-term, crisis-based intervention for survivors of sexual assault; and McLean-Franciscan Hospital for Children, providing mostly group therapy to children and adolescents on their inpatient unit. I have

I chose to attend William James College primarily because of the CFAR Program and GMH programs. I aspire to work with and promote the resilience of children and families who have experienced trauma, specifically domestic violence and sexual assault in hospital, community mental health, and private practice settings. The CFAR program provides the theoretical and experiential training that is necessary to work with populations like these and I consider it a unique aspect of William James College. When I met some of the CFAR faculty during my interview, I was immediately struck by how my passions matched their dedication to helping children facing many adversities. Additionally, I have both a personal and professional commitment to reducing the disparities and stigma that exist in the mental health care system. My involvement in both the GMH and Black Mental Health Graduate Academy have exposed me to various opportunities to work toward this commitment.

The compassion and warmth of the faculty was another major factor in my decision to attend William James College. During my interview, I met many faculty members who were struck by my story and journey to the field of psychology. They exhibited a genuine interest in me and how I saw myself as a future professional. Fortunately, since day one of being a WJC student, the faculty have continued to demonstrate their unwavering support and care for both my personal and professional development.

My advice to you is reach out! Connect with faculty members and peers, as the connections that you make will prove valuable to your experiences at school and at your clinical sites. They will not only expose you to a wide range of opportunities, opinions, and ideas, but will also provide you with a strong support system that is essential in clinical training. Juggling the many responsibilities that are expected of you can be a mixed bag of excitement, stress, frustration, and growth; however, with the connections you have made, it will be a fulfilling experience.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: nathalie_alexis@williamjames.edu