Student Ambassador: Roscoe Hurley

Roscoe Hurley

Roscoe Hurley

Student Ambassador, BS in Psychology and Human Services

Student Ambassador, MA in Psychology

Hometown Massachusetts
College Urban College, AS Human Services
Programs BS in Psychology and Human Services
MA in Psychology
Class of 2022 (Bachelor's Degree Program)

Roscoe Hurley was born and raised in Boston’s South End. Along with an older brother and a younger sister, Roscoe was brought up by a hard-working single mother. Roscoe’s mother did all she could do to ensure that he and his siblings needed and wanted for nothing. His mother was the provider, teacher, and leader of their family. From a young age, she instilled within the Roscoe family a sense of community values. Always inspired by his mother’s work ethic, Roscoe entered the workforce as soon as he was old enough to. He worked as a grocery store bagger, a camp counselor, and even as a movie theater usher. Even at an early age, Roscoe understood the meaning of responsibility and dependability.

Despite the positive environment Roscoe’s mother provided him with, Roscoe also witnessed the detrimental impact that addiction had on his community including people he was closest to. Fortunately, in adulthood Roscoe found that he was able to make a difference as he discovered his passion for the field of addictions and recovery. He began his career working in a direct care capacity at a men’s recovery program; there he was able to help the clients work towards maintaining sobriety and independence. With this introduction to the field, Roscoe began to work towards advancing his education and his career so that he could find even more meaningful ways to help this population. To support these pursuits, he enrolled in the UMASS Addictions Counselor Education Program which allowed for him to obtain his LADC-II. Roscoe also achieved a Certificate in Problem Gambling and was trained in the topic of Tobacco Cessation.

In 2018 Roscoe obtained his Associate’s degree in Human Services from the Urban College of Boston and he graduated with high honors. During this time Roscoe also achieved a Certificate of Leadership and Advocacy for Child-Centered Communities and he also served as the Director of the Gavin Foundation Devine Recovery Center (DRC). At the DRC he provided case management and counseling and helped to build a strong recovery community.

Currently Roscoe is the Program Director for the Cushing House Boys Program. The Cushing House Boys Program is a family-involved residential program for boys ages 16-21 who are struggling with alcohol and/or substance use disorders. He is simultaneously working towards acquiring his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Human Services at William James College. He is an active member of the college’s ACES leadership group. Roscoe elected to study at William James because he felt that he would receive an excellent education and be part of a supportive learning community. When he met admissions recruiters from William James at a college fair, he felt an immediate connection and recognized that they had great options to aid him in his professional goals. William James College would also help him lay a foundation to eventually obtain his Master’s degree and become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

For first year students to be successful at William James College, Roscoe would recommend that they build engaging and supportive relationships with their classmates and professors. He would also recommend that they practice self-care and gratitude daily, and that they remind themselves of what is motivating them to earn their degrees. For Roscoe, he knows that the more education he obtains, the more opportunities will be available to him to help others.