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Samantha HigginsSamantha Higgins

New Jersey
University of New Haven
Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Class of 2019

Hello prospective and entering students!

My name is Sami and I am currently a part- time student here at William James College. I am from the Jersey Shore but found myself in Connecticut for my undergrad because I was drawn to the importance of experiential education while I was searching for a college, so when I saw that WJC also prioritizes experiential Education I knew it was the place for me!

During my time in undergrad I majored in Criminal Justice and Psychology with concentrations in Victim Service Administration and Community/Clinical Psych, plus a minor in sociology, in addition I was extremely active on my campus. I served at assistant editor of the student run newspaper, I was a peer career advisor for the career center on campus, a peer educator for the Violence Prevention Center, a study abroad advocate, a President’s Public Service Fellow, a mentor for students with disabilities, a member of psychology club, victimology club and the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha, along with numerous other leadership positions. When I had to find a graduate school I had felt it had big shoes to fill, I wanted a school that would let me experience counseling, not just talk to me about it, professors that knew what they were doing, and a place I felt I could grow. William James College has been the perfect fit.

I began my time at WJC as a full time student and for personal reasons switched to part time after a year, I cannot express enough how welcoming and accommodating I have found this school to be. I suffer from numerous health conditions and require accommodations, but I have never been set apart, I have always been a part of the group and have found that the professors, administrators and staff are some of the best people I’ve ever encountered. 

I currently work as a babysitter for many families in the Newton area, most of which have children with cognitive or physical disabilities. This gives me an opportunity outside of school to get hands on experience working with various different types of people and diagnoses, I get the experience to see numerous types of therapies with the families, and work with the children one on one.

I remember coming for my interview and being intimidated by how small the school was, it just seemed like the complete opposite of my undergraduate setting and I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would feel with such a professional atmosphere, but it became my second home in no time. I cannot imagine getting my degree anywhere else.

In addition to the welcoming atmosphere and accommodating nature of the school, the classes are a perfect size for you to get to know each professor and student so you don’t ever feel you are getting lost, you build relationship and a support system from the time orientation starts. I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

If you have any question or concern about WJC or your potential future here please feel free to reach out!