Student Ambassador: Shani Jean-Charles

Shani Jean-Charles

Shani Jean-Charles

Student Ambassador, BS in Psychology and Human Services


Hometown Guayama, Puerto Rico
College William James College
Program BS in Psychology and Human Services

My journey to William James College was a surprise to me. I was raised in Guayama, Puerto Rico but now reside in Lynn, MA. I am currently within my fourth year in the Bachelor of Psychology and Human Services. I had thought that nursing would be my passion, but little did I know that there was a whole other purpose waiting for me. I chose William James College due to the community and support you get from everyone. To me, this is like another family and that was very important when looking for a college. Coming from a background where this is important made me fall more in love William James College. Since day one, you get the whole so much support from fellow classmates, you advisor, professors, etc. Thanks to many members from the admissions committee, I was able to ask all my questions and confirm this is the place I want to grow. 

Having a sense of belonging was and continues being vital for me. Being able to meet people with similar experiences that strive for change and to serve their communities has been inspiring and admirable. The list of opportunities has been endless, and I have surprised myself more and more with things I'd never done before and people I'd never think I'd have the honor to meet.  

I have been able to be a part of our ACES which is the Academic Council of Engaging Students otherwise known as a student council to have our voices heard within our program to have positive changes for the future and even a work/study position as a Student Coordinator for the Mentorship and Workforce Development Programs . This program helps to inspire others with the help and guidance of a mentor throughout their journey at William James College.   They are so many groups one cans get involved in such as our Military Experiential Group to talk more about encouraging honest communication between veteran and civilian students about becoming professional helpers. 

There is something for everyone that allows you to build strong relationships and network. I aspire to be a Clinical Psychologist to provide mental health assistance and awareness for the Latinx and Military community. This allows me to not only use my bilingual skills in Spanish for those of my community but also bring the overall awareness that is essential for change. 

Lastly, words of advice for all would be to keep pushing through. Making that first step will be difficult, but the journey is more than worth it. There is so much support behind you! Communication and being open-minded will allow you to carry on that interest.  Being a mom, full-time worker and student is not an easy thing but because of that same support and trust in yourself, you will be able to touch the top of that mountain. First year sounds scary at times, but again, making that first step means that you are already there.