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Sheena FurnaceSheena Furnace

Plattsburgh State University
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA
Couples and Family Therapy Area of Emphasis
Class of 2020

Hello prospective and entering students!

I am a part-time student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA program with an area of emphasis in Couples and Family Therapy.  I am originally from Northern New York. I graduated in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in both English and Women’s Studies. I had a dream of starting a magazine aimed at female pre-teens that wasn’t focused on beauty and celebrities.  While that dream did not come to fruition, my path has primarily found me in educator and caregiver positions over the last decade plus. After undergraduate school, I moved to the Boston area and, besides a brief stint in Los Angeles, I have lived here ever since.  I truly feel Boston is my home.  I feel that becoming a mental health counselor with a focus on couples and families is the path I’ve been heading toward for a long time. It’s just taken me a few detours to get here. 

I am so grateful for all that I have learned and experienced at William James College so far. It truly feels like a family here, which is why I chose this school. The professors know me well and care about me academically and personally. My cohort of fellow students is the perfect size and we have all grown so close and are so supportive of one another! I am a part of WJC’s Clinical Applications of Mindfulness Group.  I love being a student at WJC and am looking forward to starting my career. I am very interested in melding my interests in Buddhism and meditation into my counseling practice, as well as my passion for natural modes of health and well-being (I’m even certified as a holistic health coach!).

For new students, I would strongly suggest both having a strong sense of yourself and your priorities going into the program and being open and flexible to all of the possibilities ahead. I chose to go part-time so that I could take the time to really invest in my classes, as well as make time for my loved ones, my self-care practices, and so that I could work part-time. My advice is to be honest with yourself, prioritize self-care no matter what timeline or program you are in, and to lean on your professors whenever you need them. I look forward to hearing from and meeting you soon!