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Simone MatthewsSimone Matthews

Framingham State University
Clinical Mental Health Counseling MA
Black Mental Health Graduate Academy Scholar
Couples and Family Therapy Area of Emphasis
Class of 2021

Hello and welcome prospective students!

My name is Simone Matthews and I am a mom before any other title. It’s been difficult but rewarding navigating the balance between being a first-time mom and going to graduate school among other responsibilities. However, it’s been influential studying in a field where I can utilize what I learn in the classroom to my own life. Therefore, pursing an emphasis in Couples and Family at William James College has been suitable for me. It has been rewarding working systemically with children and families in underserve communities while also destigmatizing mental health.

My reasoning for choosing to attend William James College stems from my identity as a Black woman and the necessity to be in an atmosphere where I am not only represented among the student population, but also supported and embraced my faculty.  

Gratefully, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in leadership roles and get involved throughout campus. I’m currently a student leader in the Academic Councils Engaging Students (A.C.E.S), a student representative for the Faculty Recruitment and Hiring Committee, a scholar in the Black Mental Health Graduate Academy, and a group member in the First-Generation group. I am passionate about using my voice and clinical skills to dismantle injustices in communities of color, and find utilizing platforms at WJC impactful in this process of creating systemic changes.

Some of my career interest include working with couples and families both in private practice and non-profit organization(s). A dream goal of mine is to own a children’s and family organization within an underserved population that would gear toward providing a safe place to engage in activities, while also providing assistance and therapy to support people becoming their optimal selves.

My advice to prospective and incoming students is to learn to manage your time while also having time for yourself. As clinicians we are frequently asking clients about self-care but its important that we are attuned to ourselves and listening to the needs of our body, mind, and spirit. That being said, consider going to therapy to have added support and to practice what we preach. Lastly, get involved and try new things here at WJC.

Look forward to hearing from you, feel free to contact me with questions. Be well.