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Zully LizarazoZully Lizarazo

University of South Florida
Advanced Standing Clinical Psychology PsyD, Class of 2019
Counseling and Forensic Psychology, Class of 2015
Latino Mental Health Program

I was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. I attended University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida where I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in Criminology. As an undergraduate, I completed research in psychology and law, which ignited my passion for the intersection of these two fields. When it came time to look for graduate programs, I was particularly interested in forensic psychology programs that have a strong cultural competent.

I was interested in a program that provided students with strong clinical experience with a focus on the forensic and Latino population. Fortunately, I found William James College.I fell in love with the program when I learned that William James College has a specific concentration focused on working with Latinos, along with a forensic program. I moved from the Sunshine State to Boston to start a Master's degree in Forensic and Counseling Psychology with a concentration in the Latino Mental Health Program (LMHP). Upon completion of my master's program, I continued onto the Clinical Psychology program.

As a student in the Latino Mental Health Program, I am passionate about cultural competency and working with the Latino population in clinical settings. I find this concentration an excellent opportunity to engage in on a journey to become a cultural competent provider. During my two-year master's degree, I completed two internships.For the first year, I was at the Latino Mental Health Institute in Brockton, MA, where I had the opportunity of providing individual therapy in Spanish. During my second year, I interned at a male prison within the Department of Corrections, where I also had the opportunity of doing therapy in Spanish.

William James College is unique because of its practice-oriented programs that have allowed me to combine different passions. At William James College, you will find a family, supportive faculty members, and resourceful students. Graduate school is not easy, which is to be expected, but it is certainly gratifying when you are passionate about the field.I found in grad school that it is not about how smart you are, it is about commitment and discipline.

My best advice for you is to have an open mind and work with passion and discipline, because then graduate school will not hurt as much!!!!

It is an honor to be a resource for you. Remember the worst question is the one you do not ask. Buena Suerte!!!